2 Teachers Caught Having Threesomes With 16 Year Old Student After Kid Was Bragging To His Friends

To brag, or not to brag...that is the question.

dufresne2n-1-web (1) rachel-respess

NYDN – Two teachers at the same Louisiana high school have been arrested and charged with felonies over an alleged three-way sexual encounter with a 16-year-old student, authorities said. Rachel Respess, 24, surrendered Wednesday to the Kenner Police Department, police said. Fellow English teacher Shelley Dufresne, 34, was charged Tuesday and released on $200,000 bail. She was placed under house arrest, police said. Police began investigating the case Friday based on reports the male student was bragging about his sexual relations with both women during an encounter in early September. The teachers have been suspended without pay. Each faces one count of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, one count of indecent behavior, and one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to WWL-TV. Respess’ lawyer, Jeffrey Smith, said that if the tryst had taken place four days later, when the teen turned 17, there would have been no case, the station reported. The legal age of consent in Louisiana is 17, the lawyer said.

To brag, or not to brag…that is the question. If you keep quiet, you got a much better shot of continuing to have threesomes. Do your dirt all by your lonely. Keep your lips sealed. And you can fuck these two teachers once a week forever.

But whats the point of fucking 2 of your teachers if you can’t even brag to your friends about it? Whats the point of fucking any girls if you cant tell your buddies about it? Yea sure, it feels good. But everyone knowing that you fucked a smoke or banged out your teacher feels way better. So would you rather have a threesome with your teachers and be Big Man On Campus because everyone knows about it? Or you’re the only person in the world that knows and you get to keep sticking Ms. Respess and Ms. Dufresne?

Vote 1 for keep quiet Vote 10 for scream it from the mountaintops

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PS – What a kick in the pussy that it was 4 days before his 17th birthday. If you waited a week you could have double teamed that kid till the cows come home with no legal repercussions. Just couldnt control yourself and know you’re getting charged with fucking “Carnal Knowledge of a Juvenile”

PPS – Would, would not

By KFC posted October 2nd, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Wake Up With Tara Holt



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By feitelberg posted October 2nd, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Barstool NYC Local Smokeshow Of The Day – Alexandra

    Introducing Alexandra from New York, NY.  3 Days, 3 absolute bombs on BSSNY.  This girl just looks like summer and it’s painful.   Know any smokes? Nominate by sending a name and Facebook link to beardobarstool@gmail.com      




Introducing Alexandra from New York, NY.  3 Days, 3 absolute bombs on BSSNY.  This girl just looks like summer and it’s painful.


Know any smokes? Nominate by sending a name and Facebook link to beardobarstool@gmail.com







By beardo posted October 1st, 2014 at 5:40 PM

Larry Donnell & His 3 TD’s Rode The Pine On Larry Donnell’s Fantasy Team

What's the point of burning a late-round draft pick or waiver claim to add you to your roster if you can't trust yourself to play...yourself?


North Jersey.comWhat Larry Donnell did in reality against Washington last week helped the Giants tremendously en route to their 45-14 victory. What Donnell did in fantasy football was even more of a windfall for owners that started one of the league’s breakout stars. Well, except one famous owner: Donnell himself. Yes, the Giants’ tight end admitted Wednesday that he indeed benched himself in fantasy football in favor of 49ers tight end Vernon Davis, missing out on his career-best performance that included seven catches for 54 yards and three touchdowns. Donnell’s fantasy team on which he starts Drew Brees, Frank Gore, Anquan Boldin and Mike Wallace, among others, lost by 15 points. “Would’ve won if I played me,” Donnell told me after practice Wednesday. “During the game, I’m like, ‘Really?’ That’s the honest truth.” Asked if he’d done enough to convince himself to earn the starting nod for Sunday’s game against the Falcons, Donnell said with a laugh: “Oh yeah. I’m in there.”

Big fan of Donnell & how he’s come out of nowhere to be a reliable weapon for the Giants offense, but this is pretty weak. I mean what’s the point of burning a late-round draft pick or waiver claim to add you to your roster if you can’t trust yourself to play…yourself? He’d have been better off leaving himself on the FA pile & letting someone else scoop him up. Sure, it could help out another team – but I’d rather lose by hanging 25 fantasy points on myself than lose because I didn’t have the confidence to play me.

Donnell and the rest of Big Blue should be in for another lights-out performance this weekend against a weak Falcons D. Despite a 56-14 thrashing of the Bucs, they’re still ranked in the bottom-three in points against & total yards. Teddy Bridgewater, in his first NFL start & without his stud running back or tight end, took a switch to the ass of ATL. The rejuvenated Eli should be able to do more of the same on 10 days rest, potentially aided by the long-awaited debut of Odell Beckham Jr. I’ll believe it when I see it, but apparently he had a great practice today and plans to be on the field. Another passing weapon against a secondary susceptible to the big play will give Rashad Jennings plenty of room to torch a rushing defense that’s ceded almost twice as many TD’s as any other team in the league. Points on points on points.

With two starting lineman on IR and a third questionable, Matt Ryan should have a tough time keeping up. No excuse for JPP, Kiwi, Ayers & Big Hank not to beat him like a drum all day long. Whether Donnell can reward his fantasy squad with another 3 score outing remains to be seen – but Sunday’s matchup at MetLife is shaping up to end just like it did for the Giants last Thursday night.

By 610 posted October 1st, 2014 at 4:50 PM

Australian Couples Vow To Have Sex Every Day For 30 Straight Days

Sex 30 times in a month? I dont even have sex 30 times a year.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.01.49 PM

News.AuCOULD you and your significant other commit to having sex every day, for 30 days? That’s the challenge around 40,000 Aussie couples set themselves for the whole month of September. The 30 Nights of Nookie program, which is designed by a sex and relationship expert, sets couples daily tasks designed to bring them closer together. Almost three in four Aussie couples want more emotional and physical interaction from their partner and 70% are unhappy with the amount of sex in their relationship, according to Durex’s annual State of the Nation survey. We asked two Aussie couples to share their 30 Nights of Nookie experience and explain how it has influenced their relationship.

Paul and Katharina. Together for 12 years.


The first night we had to set aside 15 minutes to talk about the relationship. On day three we had to stare into each other’s eyes for 3 minutes. And then it got more and more intimate and sexual. One night we had to make as much noise as possible. It’s made sex more fun. There were lots of hilarious moments. Halfway through [the month] I proposed to Katharina. I’d been thinking about it for a while and it was just the right opportunity and the right time. I thought, ‘This is fun, let’s announce it to the world’. I would encourage all couples, whether you’ve been together for one year or 50 years, to give it a go. You can find some funny moments and I really enjoyed it. I’m glad I did it.”

Ashley and Dennis. Together for 6 months.



“I don’t think we’d ever have problems with having sex. We [normally] have sex about 4 or 5 times a week. Dennis is a mechanic and we met when he sold me my car a few years ago.”

Well first thing’s first, fuck Dennis. Guy basically fucks every day as it is. Dude and his girlfriend 10 years younger than him are still in the honeymoon phase. Having sex 30 times in a month when you’re used to having sex like 25 times in a month isnt a big deal bro.

Now the couple thats been dating for 12 years, thats another story. Sex 30 times in a month? I dont even have sex 30 times a year. I’m getting married this weekend, I may not have sex 30 times again, total. And I’m ok with that. There’s no CHANCE I would want to have sex for 30 straight days with anyone, let alone someone I’ve been dating for 12 years. Its just such a goddam production. You gotta take your pants off, do physical activity, make a goddam mess everywhere. End up with a cramp and feeling embarrassed by a pretty lame physical effort on your part. Why would anybody wanna do that 30 days in a row? With the same person. Its like going to the gym every day for a month straight. No thanks.

Keep me on my 5 day rotation and let me watch Netflix and shit the other 25 days.

By KFC posted October 1st, 2014 at 4:10 PM

White Lesbian Suing Sperm Bank For Sending Her A Black Dude’s Sperm And Giving Her A Mixed Baby



Daily Mail - A white lesbian mother is suing a Chicago sperm bank after she claims she was mistakenly sent a black man’s sperm and gave birth to a mixed-race daughter. Jennifer Cramblett, 36, claims the mistake has caused her stress and anguish because her family is racist and she lives in a small, all-white Uniontown in northeast Ohio. In a lawsuit filed this week in Cook County, Illinois, Ms Cramblett says Midwest Sperm Bank sent her several vials of a black man’s sperm by mistake because the clinic keeps paper records and accidentally transposed numbers on her order. The couple had specifically chosen a white donor to be the father of their child.   Midwest Sperm Bank charged $400 per vial of semen and Ms Cramblett and her partner received six vials of the wrong semen. The lawsuit says the clinic later sent Ms Cramblett an apology note and a refund for the six vials – though charged her for the vials of the correct semen she received. Ms Cramblett she has ‘limited cultural competency relative to African-Americans’ and worries that her daughter Payton will not be accepted in her hometown of Uniontown.  ’Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton’s future,’ according to the lawsuit.  Ms Cramblett, the assistant manager of an AT&T store, said she and her partner Amanda Zinkon love their daughter, who is now two years old, but say they must now consider moving to a more diverse community.  Ms Cramblett says in her lawsuit that much of her family is racist and that one uncle openly makes racist comments.   Even simple tasks have become more complicated because Payton is mixed-race, the lawsuit says.  ’Payton has hair typical of an African American girl. To get a decent cut, Jennifer must travel to a black neighborhood, far from where she lives, where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome,’ according to the lawsuit. Ms Cramblett says she grew up in Scio, Ohio – population 762 – and didn’t meet a black person until she attended college. She currently lives in Uniontown, population 2,802, and fears Payton will be the only non-white child in class when the time comes for her to attend school. Ms Cramblett says her family has difficulty accepting the fact that she is gay and encourage her to hide her sexual orientation when she is around them.  She says no matter what she does, Payton cannot hide her race – nor should she have to.  Ms Cramblett is alleging breach of warranty and wrongful birth. Midwest Sperm Bank would not comment on the case. 

I know everyone thinks I’m the resident racist here at Barstool, and thats probably true. But if you’re white and you want a white kid and you get a black kid you have every right to be pissed off. That doesnt make you a racist. That just makes you a buyer who got completely screwed over. If you want a white kid and you get a black one, you want a black one and you get a white one, you want a Puerto Rican kid and you get an Asian (wouldnt that be some shit?), you have every right to flip your fucking lid and sue everyone under the sun. A kid is for fucking life bro. Its not like you ordered your steak medium and it comes out under cooked and you can just send it back to be fixed. These fuckin kids dont come with a receipt or an exchange policy. Shit is permanent, man. So a big fat white lesbian isn’t gonna know the first thing about raising a half a black baby. Like she said, hes got nappy hair. Gotta go across town to the black barbers to manage that shit. You think she’s gonna know about ashy skin and cocoa butter? She’s probably gotta start calling undewear “drawers” and stuff like that to make this baby feel comfortable. And good luck hitting up the family reunion when racist Uncle Wyatt cant stop dropping N bombs.

Bottom line is that is a COLOSSAL mistake from the sperm bank. One that pretty much cannot be rectified. Short of just giving me like millions of dollars I dont know if you can even compensate someone for that mistake. And that’s not racist.

I dont think, at least.

By KFC posted October 1st, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Couple Has Threesomes With $30,000 Sex Dolls

You wanna dabble in threesomes, sex doll orgies is the safest route to go.

Huff Po – Shawna Bigelow is only a little jealous of the numerous sex dolls her boyfriend keeps in the basement. Most of the time, though, she and Dave Hockey enjoy an ongoing sexual relationship with the dolls, which they spent more than $32,000 on, according to iTV. Their freaky extracurriculars involve little to no attachment (unless Bigelow decides to use a different attachable penis for her male doll, named Terry). ”It is kind of like a threesome without anyone getting hurt,” she told the station. “You’ve got to realize that she is only a doll that’s really not real, because who has the perfect body?” The two met on a dating website more than a year ago. Bigelow said she wasn’t put off when Hockey showed her to his basement, where he keeps the dolls before bedtime. On the contrary, she started wearing the dolls’ wigs and “looking down their shirts and wanting to see everything,” according to the Daily Mail. Things quickly moved to the bedroom, where the couple shares nightly visits with one of the female dolls, Bianca. This particular plastic lover is famous; she starred alongside Ryan Gosling in the 2007 film “Lars and the Real Girl,” according to BuzzFeed.

Go ahead and judge Shawna and Dave. Go ahead. Up on your cloud of judgment handing down life lessons to all the sinners. Up in your ivory tower looking down upon people who fuck inanimate dolls. Not me. I wont do it. Because Shawna and Dave are a happy couple and they want to remain happy. And as we’ve see throughout the years on Barstool, a surefire way to ruin a happy relationship is to starting dabbling in threesomes. We’ve seen threesomes with real life, breathing people go awry in every possible way. We’ve see stabbings, we’ve seen baseball bat fights, we’ve seen people set on fire, we’ve seen threesomes end with SWAT team involvement. Bottom line is unless you have the perfect relationship with the perfect amount of trust and find the perfect third member, threesomes with your girlfriend or boyfriend just has disaster written all over it. Someone will get jealous. Someone will get attached. And someone will get violent.

But you know what is 100% incapable of being jealous, attached, or violent? A sex doll, thats what. Still got all the necessary holes. Still provides all the extra equipment you cant get in normal 1 on 1 sex. And the good part is, in the event you get jealous of the doll, you can’t get in trouble for setting a mannequin on fire. Its not a crime to bash a doll’s head with a bat. You wanna dabble in threesomes, sex doll orgies is the safest route to go.

By KFC posted October 1st, 2014 at 2:30 PM

Wednesday Afternoon MailTime: Rude Jude Is In The Building

Click here to download on iTunes Download the free KFC Radio app – iPhone | Android Huge episode of MailTime where I finally got a chance to shoot the shit with the one and only Rude Jude Angelini. I’m sure a ton of Stoolies already fuck with Rude Jude but in case you havent heard of him, he’s [...]

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Download the free KFC Radio app – iPhone | Android

Huge episode of MailTime where I finally got a chance to shoot the shit with the one and only Rude Jude Angelini. I’m sure a ton of Stoolies already fuck with Rude Jude but in case you havent heard of him, he’s right in our wheelhouse. Dude is an absolute fucking maniac and just released his book “Hyena” where he retells all his stories about fucking midgets and amputees, simulating rape with pregnant chicks, porn stars peeing on him, and a whole bunch of other crazy, disgusting shit all while spending the majority of his life inside a K hole. Its a collection of memoirs on sex, drugs and the human condition.

So Jude came on to talk about all the crazy shit he said in the book, his feud with Floyd Mayweather, White People Problems and more. You can grab your copy of Hyena on Amazon. Just use this MailTime Amazon link and then search for Hyena. Its a phenomenally entertaining, quick read that I promise you will make you laugh, puke, and then potentially cry. The story about the one armed stripper nearly brought a tear to my eye.

You can also catch Jude on Eminem’s Sirius channel, Shade 45 every day from 4-8pmEST on The All Out Show. And give him a follow on Twitter @rude_jude. He’ll be doing #WhitePeopleWednesday all day which is fucking hysterical.

As for the rest of the show we do a little ebola talk, a little wedding talk, and we opened it up for some live calls to talk a little cube life and sports.

Hot dog sandwiches are on the grill, who wants spicy mustard!

By KFC posted October 1st, 2014 at 1:40 PM
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