10 Hours Of Walking Around NYC As A Man

Maybe if you chicks stopped worrying about dudes hollering at your on the street and acted more like white, privileged men, you'd get these kinda perks too.

Hilarious response. Just doubling down on society’s double standards and rubbing it right in the faces of chicks even more. When you’re white, privileged and educated this is the kinda shit that just falls in your lap. Just walk around the city and job offers start flowing in. Networking opportunities falling from the sky. People giving you free shit. We never have to carry sunscreen because girls will always have some for us. High fives, pigskin, and grilling! Other people doing all our grunt work. Thats what life as a white privileged male is all about!

Maybe if you chicks stopped worrying about dudes hollering at your on the street and acted more like educated, wealthy men, you’d get these kinda perks too.

PS – Only thing missing from this video is having someone dressed as the big purple pimp actually giving this dude $1,000

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By KFC posted October 30th, 2014 at 10:20 AM

What Knicks Fans Can Learn From Last Night’s Nail Biter Loss To The Bulls

The Knicks had a chance to comeback in this game, but unfortunately the NBA still hasn't green-lit the 25 point baskets from Rock N Jock.


Losing a home opener by 1 or 101 points is never fun for a fan base, let alone one that has been wallowing in different degrees of misery since 1974.  The Knicks had a chance to comeback in this game, but unfortunately the NBA still hasn’t green-lit the 25 point baskets from Rock N Jock.  However, with every loss comes a set of important lessons to be learned.  Last night we found out:

1. Contrary to my previous blog initially stating that the game was in Chicago, last night’s contest was indeed in New York, NY.  A very simple mistake by a very simple blogger.  My apologies.

2. Clyde still has style dripping out of his ears with the dapper red and black suit, along with a solid ring game.  Wearing those colors before a matchup against the Bulls is an interesting choice, but I don’t think anyone in the world has more fashion sense than Walter Frazier.  He knows what he’s doing. FullSizeRender

Clyde Outfit Rating = Stylin’ And Profilin’ (The Highest Possible Rating)

3. Joan Jett’s anthem singing ranks somewhere between Roseanne Barr and Carl Lewis.  WOOF.

4. I still haven’t gotten down the exact specifics of the triangle offense.  But whenever a good play happens, I attribute it to the triangle.  If something bad happens, it is just the players going outside the triangle.  It really is that easy (in my pea-sized brain).

5. Taylor Swift has completely and utterly taken over New York City.  Much to the chagrin of our boy KFC, TayTay has the Big Apple in the palm of her hand and is about to make cider.

6.  My one hot sports take from the game is that the Bulls have a better starting 5 than the Knicks.  And a better bench.  And a better coach.  And run a better system on offense and defense.  And Miss Lippy’s car is green.  The more talented franchise won tonight, folks.  Time to keep doing what worked and fix whatever didn’t.  That simple.

7. Finally, everyone knew the game was over once this picture started floating around Twitter.  You can’t come back from the Swift, Bieber, Jackson triumvirate.  It’s impossible.


Tonight’s Game Summarized In One Gif:

So we are on to Cleveland.  If memory serves me correct, the Cavs had the #1 pick this year, so they likely are not a very good team.  Knicks by 10 is the pick. Just kidding.  The real question is which will be bigger: The Cavs margin of victory or the amount of annoying LeBron coming home commercials we will have to sit through?  It will be close.  0-2 city, here we come!

By theclemreport posted October 30th, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Wake Up With Naya Rivera



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By feitelberg posted October 30th, 2014 at 9:00 AM

Regional Zone Manager Rikk Wilde Pulls A Real Life “Chris Farley Show” And Steals The World Series Post Game

Hey Madison...remember that time...you won the World Series by yourself?? That was awesome

Fat guy nervous as shit, sweating like a whore in church, out of breath and bombing on camera. Its like Chris Farley and Paul McCartney come to life. Hey Madison…remember that time…you won the World Series by yourself?? That was awesome.

Poor Rikk Wilde just wanted to talk about Chevy trucks and now he’ll live forever in internet infamy.

By KFC posted October 29th, 2014 at 11:54 PM

Taylor Swift Getting Her Gangly, Phony, Try Hard Stank All Over The Knicks Tonight

ENOUGH with this shit.

ENOUGH with this shit. I dont even understand it. What is the logic behind flooding Knicks fan with Taylor Swift?

I used to be pretty much indifferent towards this chick but now that she’s being shoved down my throat at every single turn in New York City, I can’t stand her. She’s the must annoying, try hard, phony chick on the planet. Get this shit out of my face.

By KFC posted October 29th, 2014 at 9:26 PM

The 7 Line Repping Mets Fans At Game 7 In Kansas City

Now thats dedication

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.31.53 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 7.32.06 PM


My man Darren from The 7 Line all the way out in Kansas City representing Mets fans. There’s not a single dude on earth who loves the Mets more than him. I wish the Wilpons would see this and do what it takes to make the Mets a winner, but they probably arent even watching tonight. We can dream, Darren.


By KFC posted October 29th, 2014 at 7:35 PM

Barstool NYC Local Smokeshow Of The Day – Carly

Saloon NYC Halloween Party



Introducing Carly from Montclair State.  Nice Jersey smoke to round off this Wednesday afternoon.


Free open bar for Sara at this Friday’s 5th Annual Saloon Halloween Bash. Any current and former smokes who want to join us on Friday night, email beardobarstool@gmail.com. Here are the rest of the details for the party:


- $50 3 Hour Premium Open Bar (All top shelf liquor, All Bud Products, All Wines)

- First 3 hour slot is 9-12. Next is 10-1 and last one is 11-2.  Get there early to avoid lines and guarantee entry

- $1000 Prize for SEXIEST COSTUME. The winner will be determined by most retweets as we live tweet the party on Friday night

- Email management@saloonnyc.com if you would like to be added to the list for the open bar

- Saloon is on 84th and York. 212-570-5454










By beardo posted October 29th, 2014 at 5:40 PM

The Knicks Ascension Back To The Top Of The Eastern Conference Begins Tonight Against Chicago

Go New York, Go New York, Go!


Update: I’m an idiot, they are in MSG tonight

Year 1 for the reborn (again) Knicks starts tonight versus Chitown.  So get ready for a bunch of lame tweets with triangle puns and passive-aggressive comments about every bad play.  Facing the Chicago Try Hards followed by the Cleveland LeBrons certainly wasn’t the nicest way to ease into a season, but we might as well get these games out of the way now.

I think it is pretty clear that it will take the Knicks some time to jell the new faces with the new offense, but I hope they will have the triangle down and be hitting their stride during the playoff push in March and April.  Like all other Knicks fans, I am real excited to see what the young guys (Early, Larkin, and even Wear) can add to the team.  As usual, I expect Melo to to do his job well and pray the other 14 guys on the roster do the same.  A few other notes:

1. As always, a good chunk of the team’s success depends on if Good J.R. Smith or Bad J.R. Smith plays that night.  The Knicks offense can get stale at times, and J.R. has already dropped more than a few hints that he doesn’t really “get the offense”, just like that one Twitter chick wasn’t really trying to “get the pipe”.  Whether or not J.R. allows himself to learn the triangle is instrumental to that Photoshopped banner above going from dream to reality.


2. All Knicks fans have waited for Iman Shumpert to stay healthy and become a star.  This may be his last season in New York to prove that he can do that.  Shump has always had the quirkiness of a star, but has very seldom played like one.  Fisher and The Zen Master are going to do everything in their power to unleash Shump’s talent.  If they can’t get more out of him, it will be the Tim Hardaway Jr. show, with Shumpert taking his fashion “sense” to another city.


3. It sounds like Jose Calderon should be a good fit for the triangle, since he can rain threes when the ball finds it’s way to him.  Not having a point guard that is always in a McDonald’s or the patty wagon like Raymond Felton should be a nice change.  At the 5, Sam Dalembert is just keeping the position warm until Marc Gasol signs here (PLEASE GOD!!!).

4. I cannot fucking WAIT to get Andrea Bargnani and Amare Stoudemire off of this team.  They are just a constant reminder of money and draft picks that could have been used on young, cheap talent.  Anything positive from either of these yo-yos is a W, in my opinion.

5. I love that before last year, no one talked about the Raptors being a competitor.  Now they are a lead pipe lock to win the Atlantic.  By the end of the season, I hope these predictions:


look like these predictions:


6. The new ESPN “Return” commercial is fire flames simply because it features the most underrated song of all-time.

7. However, ESPN clearly forgot that the most important return takes place in The Mecca of Basketball.  I don’t care if the Knicks don’t play on Friday night.  LeBron and D-Rose haven’t won any rings in their home state.  And we all know what Kobe has won without Big Chief Triangle guiding the Lakeshow.  So I fixed their mistake.

8. Finally, this will probably not be the year that the Garden becomes Eden again.  But it should be the beginning of an era where the Knicks are always competitive.  So break out your orange and blue and douse yourself with nostalgia.  Because in it’s heart, New York City is a basketball town. Go New York, Go New York Go!


By theclemreport posted October 29th, 2014 at 5:00 PM
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