Kid Suing His Former High School For Not Getting Enough Playing Time On The Basketball Team

I don't care how much you hate the coach. I dont care how much your parents are forcing you to do this. Suing your coach/school/team because you got cut or don't get any burn is hands down the most pathetic thing you can do.

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Medina Gazette - A 2013 graduate of Medina High School is suing the school district and three staff members charging he unfairly was dropped by the basketball team after using Internet social media to complain about a lack of playing time. Chase Johanson, 19, of Medina, – now a high jumper at UNC-Wilmington- originally filed the lawsuit July 23 in Medina County Common Pleas Court, where it was assigned to Judge Christopher J. Collier. Named as defendants are Medina Schools; athletic director Jeff Harrison; Anthony Stacey, former high school basketball coach; and high school Principal Bryan Farson. The lawsuit asks for more than $75,000 in damages. Stacey declined to comment. Harrison also declined to comment, said Amy Busby, spokeswoman for the school district. Farson could not be reached for comment. The lawsuit argues Johanson’s First Amendment right to free speech and his 14th Amendment right to due process were violated when he was kicked off the basketball team in 2012. Johanson charged “his removal from the Medina High School Basketball Team in his senior year was a direct retaliation” for several messages posted on his Internet Twitter account. After a Dec. 14, 2012, game, Johanson tweeted from his private account, “Am I that bad that I can’t even play on a losing team?” According to court documents, Johanson did not get any playing time in the game the following day. He sent out two more private tweets: “At this point the trainer has been on the floor more than I have,” and “At least the Elyria and Brunswick coaches would take me to play basketball.” On Dec. 17 Farson contacted Johanson’s mother, Amelia Johanson, and told her Johanson would not be allowed to practice that day and that he no longer was allowed to be on the team. Johanson and his mother met with Farson in May 2013 and asked why Johanson’s private tweets were being treated differently than other negative Tweets from other students, according to court documents. “This lawsuit has never been about playing time,” Amelia Johanson said Thursday. “The issue was how the administration handles discipline with a policy that doesn’t exist.”

Always blows my mind when I see stories like this. How on earth any kid can think this is a good idea is flat out baffling. I don’t care how much you hate the coach. I dont care how much your parents are forcing you to do this. Suing your coach/school/team because you got cut or don’t get any burn is hands down the most pathetic thing you can do. Its such a horrendous idea I can’t even begin to understand the upside. Trade away any semblance of pride and self respect for 75 grand? This seems like a good idea to you? Become the outcast pussy who sues other people because you suck. Get people fired or drag their name through the mud all because you didn’t get any minutes and complained about it like a little girl on twitter. I just honestly cannot comprehend how anyone thinks this is a reasonable course of action.

The reality is, pal, not everyone is good at sports. Thats not the coach’s fault or the school’s fault. Fuck thats not even necessarily your “fault.” Like yea of course you could practice harder and get better but the fact of the matter is some people just ain’t born to be basketball players. For fucks sake this kid went on to be a high jumper at UNC Wilmington. Like you’re still a college athlete, dude. Basketball just wasn’t your thing. Go run track at college, fuck smokes at UNC-W, and stop being the 19 year old asshole suing your high school basketball coach because you couldn’t make a lefty layup and never saw the court.

By KFC posted September 2nd, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Reddit Users Start Donating To Prostate Cancer In The Wake Of The Fappening

The overall reaction to the Fappening has been so fucking confusing.






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BuzzFeedReddit users, having viewed the illegally obtained and invasive photographs of hundreds of innocent women, have decided to raise money for a prostate cancer research charity. They have raised over $4,000 so far. The donation page was initially called “Jennifer Lawrence and Reddit”, but was later renamed “The Fappening” to highlight the fact that the actress had not been consulted on the choice of charity, and to reflect the given name of the leak of the nude photos. Reddit users have been leaving comments on the site and the donation page discussing their decision to give money to charity. Reaction on Twitter has been divided. Some believe it perpetuates rape culture. Others see the movement as something good that has come from the leak.

Alright I officially have no idea what is going on anymore. The overall reaction to the Fappening has been so fucking confusing. I understand that its scummy that someone hacked into people’s personal pictures. I get that its an invasion of privacy. But the backlash this time around has been absurd. Like websites and blogs and people choosing not to discuss these pictures because they are taking some sort of moral stand is such a joke. Its just more of the phony public outrage that constantly consumes society. This is not the first celebrity cell phone to be hacked. This is not the first celebrity sex tape to be leaked. When Pam Anderson or Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton’s sex tape came out nobody stood together and vowed not to watch and not to discuss. When Scar Jo and Blake Lively and Miley Cyrus and Kesha had their phones hacked and their pictures leaked, nobody decided to donate to fucking prostate cancer in their honor. Again, I get that its kinda fucked up but thats basically what the entire internet and celebrity life is predicated upon. Paparazzi invade their privacy every day and we all ogle those pictures. Whether its right or not, this is the life of celebrities. Why The Fappenning all the sudden has everyone wearing their White Hat is confusing.

Almost as confusing as the Reddit nerds donating to prostate cancer right now. What the fuck is that about? “J Law got her pictures hacked and we’re all super excited about it but we’re also feeling guilty so lets donate to prostate cancer!” I mean, hey, I guess its a good thing. If all these guys donated 1 dollar for every nut they busted over these pictures in an effort to save other dudes nuts, testicles and prostates everywhere would be safe. But the logic behind it is so ridiculous. Its like going to confession after you willingly commit your sins. I know its wrong to invade her privacy but fuck it I’ll donate 5 bucks to prostate cancer after this.

But thats just the internet age we live in these days. Weirdos on Reddit and 4Chan and Twitter hacking people and leaking nudes and everyone masturbating and then starting kickstarters so they don’t feel bad about it. And thats find. Nobody should feel bad about it and we dont need the phony High Horse routine. Thats just the fucked up nature of the internet.

By KFC posted September 2nd, 2014 at 11:10 AM

Bronx Man Commits Suicide By Ripping His Own Head Off

Now you're in Newwww Yorrrrrk

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GawkerIn a particularly gruesome story out of the Bronx, a Hunts Point man apparently decapitated himself in broad daylight today. According to the New York Daily News, an unidentified 51-year-old man parked his 2005 Honda CRV on the street on Monday around 9:35 am. He reportedly looped a chain around his neck, secured it to a pole, and got back into his car. Police told the newspaper that the man then stepped on the gas, decapitating himself. According to the Daily News, “The man’s head was left on the street by the pole after his vehicle hit a parked truck on the opposite side of the street.”

Well, maybe I was wrong. Maybe the Post-Labor Day Blues isnt as bad as having any upside down head. Because here we have a dude with a perfectly good head – right side up – that he willingly ripped off. The threat of Tuesday looming and he thought to himself “I think I’d rather rip my own head off with a chain and a Honda CRV.”

Good for this guy, though. Good for him. Dude wanted to go out with a bang and he did just that. Didn’t just jump off a building or shoot himself in the head. He wanted to go out with some pizzazz. And nothing says pizzazz like medieval decapitation using a telephone pole, a chain, and a Honda all before Price Is Right even airs. Mission Accomplished.

PS – Really didn’t think Hunts Point could get any grimier with all the hookers and drugs and homeless and stuff. But severed heads on the side of the road really upped the ante.

By KFC posted September 2nd, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Dude With The Upside Down Head Will Make You Feel Better About Your Post-Labor Day Blues

Today sucks but at least your head isn't on upside down. At least you got that going for you.

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Daily MailResourceful Claudio Vieira de Oliveira knows more than a thing or two about overcoming adversity. Medics told the now-37-year-old’s mother to let him starve to death after he was born with a rare condition of the joints that left him with severely deformed limbs … and an upside-down head. But despite his physical limitations, Claudio, from Monte Santo, Brazil, has defied doctors’ doubts to become an accountant and inspirational public speaker. ’Since I was a child I’ve always liked to keep myself busy and work – I don’t like to depend totally on other people,’ he said. ‘I do a bit of accounting, research for clients and consulting. ’I have learned to turn on the TV, pick up my cell phone, turn on the radio, use the internet, my computer – I do it all by myself.’ Claudio types with a pen held in his mouth, operates phones and a computer mouse with his lips and has specially made shoes that allow him to shuffle around town.

Well here we are, folks. The Tuesday after Labor Day. You all know my thoughts. Summer is over. Your share house is a wrap. Your boss who’s been on vacation for like 3 months straight is now back in the office and ready to crack the whip. All your clients who have been mailing it in are now back to work and hounding you non stop. And the icing on the cake is that even though summer is over its still hot as dick and your commute blows.

But hey, at least your head isn’t on upside down. At least you got that going for you. The Tuesday after Labor Day is incredibly depressing but you’d rather live today on repeat for eternity like Groundhog Day than have an upside down backwards head. So just keep that in perspective. Thats gonna be my new thing instead of just establishing how miserable these Worst Days of the Year are. So that’s today’s takeaway. Don’t be too depressed because at least your head isn’t upside down.

PS – Say this dude goes and hangs upside down by his legs on the monkey bars. His head is now right-side-up. But does he get that “blood rushing to my head” feeling? The blood is rushing to like his chin in this scenario, but does it feel the same? I have so many questions for the upside down head guy.

By KFC posted September 2nd, 2014 at 9:30 AM

Snoop Dogg In White Face As “Todd” Talking About Paintballing

The problem is when you're a rapper that doesn't get murdered, eventually you just become a weird old dude.

This was weird as fuck. But you know whats even weirder? Michael Jackson did this in real life. He turned his face white and became a white guy.

Anyway, the problem is when you’re a rapper that doesn’t get murdered, eventually you just become an old dude. When you’re 20 and drinking 40′s and have bitches braiding your hair its all gravy. When you’re 42 with kids and you’re just becoming a weird old guy it starts to get creepy. You start putting on wigs and white face and pretend to be Todd and you just get goofy as fuck. Should have got shot when you were like 30 and gone out on top.

By KFC posted August 30th, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Sexy Summer Girls Takes You Into Labor Day Weekend!

Last weekend of the summer, folks! Make it count.

Last weekend of the summer, folks! Make it count. Because Tuesday is gonna absolutely suck.

Hot dogs are on the grill, who wants spicy mustard!

By KFC posted August 29th, 2014 at 3:00 PM

Jeter Considering College?!?!?

"You saw Back to School with Rodney Dangerfield? That'd be me."

Could you imagine what this would be like? Just a 40 year old stud with millions falling out of his pockets, cruising up to Soc 151 with hunny-dips following him. If Jeter went to U-M when he was 18, obviously he would have 100% gotten more ass in college than any of us, but with Michigan being a basketball and football school he would have been playing 2nd fiddle to a place kicker. If he went back right now though, it would be chaos in the streets. It would be like Old School times a billion. The most massive party house with sand, wall to wall. A private wing that he wouldn’t allow anyone into aside from the 3 Tri Delts he was going to fuck that night. I love the idea and would consider going for an MBA if he needed a roommate.

Obviously there is not a chance of this shit happening. He built a “crazy old rich guy” compound in Florida to pump Hannah Davis full of baby Jeters and he legitimately may never see snow again. If you were him would you ever fuck with winter? I sure as shit wouldn’t. The best chance of him going to college would be stopping by Dunk City to for a midterm orgy.

Other Yankee News

- Tanaka- He threw 49 pitches yesterday to Brendan Ryan and apparently looked good going full tilt on all pitches. The talk I am hearing is that the Yankees could get him back for 3-4 starts in September, which is great if we can stay in contention. If it comes down to 1 game and he is healthy, I like out chances.

-Overall- The team sits 3 games back with 30 to play and 2 teams to pass. It doesn’t look good because we don’t get to see Seattle or Detroit again this year, so not only do we need wins, but we need help. The season is not done yet but, we basically need a sweep this weekend and to pick up a game or 2 for there to be any chance of making a run. If we don’t make a run, just shut Tanaka down and rest him for next year.

By jj posted August 29th, 2014 at 2:30 PM

KFC Radio: Chef, Chauffer Or Masseuse?

One servant for the rest of your life, who you taking?

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One servant for the rest of your life, who you taking? Big Cat and Feitelberg both took the chef because they said they want to eat healthy. Which could legitimately be the most boring answer in the history of this show. I have no problem with taking the chef, completely valid answer. Have them whipping up steak every meal and bomb ass desserts. But don’t tell me its because you want to eat healthy.

I’m taking the masseuse without any hesitation. No doubt about it. Thats some high society shit. Luxury like you read about. Massages morning, noon and night. Never have a stiff neck ever again. Get your feet rubbed every day like some sort Sultan. Happy endings all day every day because there’s just no way you have a slave masseuse that doesn’t jerk you off. Bottom line is I can drive myself or take taxis wherever I need to go. I can provide myself with food. But I can’t massage myself. I’m perfectly content continuing to eat cheesesteaks and pizza and donuts while getting rubbed down like a king.

PS – Just because I know this is going to be a point of contention with this episode – if you worry about how you carry your dogs poop bags, you have gotta be one of the most insecure people on the planet earth. Like not having all your poop bags on a roller on your leash because you’re worried about how cool you look is probably the most self-conscious, timid thing I’ve ever heard. Team Poop Bag Holder for life.

(Just reiterating what I said the other day regarding the KFC Radio app since people are still asking me about it:

You can still listen to all of our episodes since you have access to everything. If you want to listen to us on mobile, here are your options:

A) Listen through iTunes on the Podcast app. Your smartphone is fully capable of playing podcasts without an external app.

2) We can be found on the Podcast One App.

D) Become a premium member. Eventually this will be sorted out and the app will most likely be used to host all the deluxe episodes.)

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