If you’re hosting a Super Bowl party and you open the door and your asshole buddy is standing there with either of these, you need new friends. Its not even really about fried chicken or tacos. Its about knowing your friend actually got persuaded by those stupid ass commercials. But which is worse? I think if a buddy showed up at my door and said Game Day Bucket Go Boom I’d probably punch him directly in the dick and slam the door in his face. Not only does KFC serve brains and shit inside their chicken but Game Day Bucket Go Boom Girl actually convinced you to buy this. Get the fuck out of my party. On the flip side if someone brought me a 12 pack of shitty tacos I’d probably never talk to them again. Like thanks for the gourmet food, pal. What do you think I’m a poor Mexican or something? I’ll be sure to send you a thank you note when I’m shitting fire out of my asshole in the 2nd half. Get out of my life, dude.

In any event, you know after like 6 months of those commercials bombarding every single show you watch on TV, some shmucks out there today are gonna show up with these things. Like the guy who doesn’t normally watch football or the girl who didn’t have enough time to make buffalo dip. Oh I’ll just get the Game Day Bucket for the guys! It goes Boom! They’ll love it!