Smokeshow Teacher Sex Scandal Day Continues Here On Barstool New York!

We’ve got the smokebomb who had a bounty on her pussy from earlier today. Now we’ve got horny librarians getting entrapped in sting operations like something straight out of a porno, and yet another incident from Horndog High in Brooklyn – this time including a psychopath who texted her 16 year old like 300 times a day.

ANOTHER Sex Scandal From James Madison High. This Is Getting Silly.

NY Daily News – It seems like sex ed is the only thing on the curriculum at Brooklyn’s Horndog High. New shenanigans have come to light at James Madison High School, where two teachers were recently caught naked in a classroom and another was punished for getting too close to a student. The latest scandal [...]

More Fun From “Horndog High”- Assistant Principal Accussed of Sexually Harrassing All The Teachers

NY Daily News – It’s heating up again at Horndog High.  A week after the Daily News revealed that two female James Madison High School teachers allegedly got naked in a classroom and another female instructor was punished for being too close to a student, a fourth educator is under investigation.  Assistant Principal Michael Edelman is [...]

More Slutty Brooklyn Teachers Coming Out Of The Woodwork!

NY Daily News – There are more sexy shenanigans at Brooklyn’s Horndog High.  The day after the Daily News reported that two James Madison High School language teachers were busted “undressed” in an empty classroom, sources said a third educator is being investigated for getting too personal with a student.  Social studies instructor Allison Musacchio [...]

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