Panini AmericaPanini America, the leading global publisher of sports and entertainment collectibles and the official trading card and sticker manufacturer of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, has announced its cover athletes for the Official 2012 Panini NFL Sticker & Album collection.  The Official 2012 Panini NFL Sticker & Album collection features six of the NFL’s top stars as its cover athletes including two-time Super Bowl MVP and New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning.  Manning isn’t the only New York Quarterback on the cover. Also featured is New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, as well as quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers and Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers. Joining the four quarterbacks are New England Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski and Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson.

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear – a requisite of being a Giants fan is hating the Jets. If you’re a fence-sitter just “rooting for New York”, you can lick me where I crap. Seriously, pick a side and hate the other. That’s the luxury of NY being a two team town (fuck off, Buffalo). With that being said, it’s good to see both squads getting front-row representation on the cover of this album along with All-Pro studs like Gronk & Megatron. On one side, Mr. Eli-te. Mr. 4th Quarter. Mr. 2-time SB Champ & MVP. Across from him, the unquestioned leader of Gang Green. The heart, soul and face of the franchise. Or should I say The Sanchi…wait…that’s no Mexican. That’s a deity.

Tim Tebow gets to have Cam Newton’s dong jammed up in his numbers over Sanchez, huh? Poor Mark. It’s like when the Backstreet Boys were all the rage until ‘N Sync released “No Strings Attached” & no one gave a fuck about the Boys anymore even though they’re the same exact thing: Horrible. And I’m not gonna argue which Jets signal-caller sucks more. That’s as relevant as a pageant for actual piles of shit – doesn’t matter who wins, they’re both still piles of shit. But this picture serves as a microcosm of both teams. When you see Eli, you see two things. A retard & Big Blue’s field general. The one who’s responsible for taking his team as far as he can lead them – which, aided by the return of Terrell Thomas & hopeful productivity of David Wilson (“the fastest running back we’ve ever had”), should at least be another year of January football. From a personnel standpoint, they’re probably better off than 2011 assuming Nicks isn’t hampered all season. We’ll see how things shake out as camp progresses, but there’s no reason for the Giants & fans alike not to be confident right now.

Meanwhile, seeing Teblow is just confusing. Neither the Jets, Panini America or anyone else know who their field general even is. Their captain doesn’t know if he’s still a WR or a coordinator. Is that Nick or Holly Mangold jerking off in the showers? Just a clusterfucked question mark of epic proportions hanging over Cortland right now. Arguably the best thing about being a Giants fan is having zero invested in the Jets.

- @610Barstool