NY PostWelcome to Brooklynsanity. Tickets to the Nets’ first regular-season game at the new Barclays Center against the crosstown rival Knicks are commanding an average of $800.87 a pop on StubHub and other secondary-market sites. The sold-out Nov. 1 contest is the hottest ducat for a Big Apple sporting event since the Yankees won the 2009 World Series, says Chris Matcovich of TiqIQ, which tracks secondary-market ticket prices. It even surpasses the $675.43 ticket average Madison Square Garden saw for a Knicks-Mavericks game in February, when Jeremy Lin was still a Knick and “Linsanity” reached its peak. “You definitely have a lot of people who want to be among the first to see this new arena — and the fact that it’s the Knicks is also driving up the price,” Matcovich said. As expected, ticket brokers and season-ticket holders are looking to make a killing off opening night. The $800.87 average game-day price is already up 18.59 percent from $675.31 on Oct. 1, and it’s six times higher than what an average Nets ticket runs at face value, $132. The Nets-Knicks game is running as high as $8,100 for courtside seats normally priced for $1,500, and the cheapest seats were selling for $217.

Jiminy fuckin Cricket! These are like the hottest tickets of the last decade. Now don’t get me wrong – I would love nothing more than for the NBA to take over New York City. I think New York would be awesome if the Knicks and Nets were both successful franchises. And I may just be bitter because I’m rooting for an Over 40 Men’s League Team in the Knicks. Maybe if I was a Brooklyn Nets convert I’d be more excited about kicking this season off and paying top dollar. But overall all, despite a new arena and new superstars and a potential new rivalry, I would never even dream of paying $800 for an NBA ticket. I don’t think I’d drop that kinda money for Game 7 of the Finals let alone game 1 of the regular season. I’d definitely love to be there – the Barclays Center is sick and I’m sure the scene there is gonna be amazing. But anyone paying $250 for nose bleeds is either an idiot or the most diehard NBA fan I’ve ever seen. Both cases, idiot.