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to add luster to the power of Spring Festival volunteer service New Chapter

Wuhan Railway Bureau, the Communist Youth League recruitment of spring practice and thinking of the social youth volunteer service

Chinese Communist Youth League 02 22 www.gqt.org.cn 2011

in 2011 Spring Festival Wuhan Railway Bureau, the Communist Youth League in accordance with the Mission in the Central Youth Volunteer Work Department and the Ministry of Railways of the Political Department, the Communist Youth League, the Railway Administration work of party committees to deploy again for the community to recruit college students, young volunteers, Wuhan region to focus on Spring Festival volunteer service activities during the Spring Festival, wearing a small yellow hat, wearing red granted nearly 400 college students with young volunteers and railway young volunteers with passenger stations in the station of Wuchang, Hankou, Wuhan and Xiangfan, Enshi, Plums, etc. north-south passenger service, with the harmony of youthful Dress Wutie Chun Yun global Lu Di youth volunteer services to travelers up to 200,000 people as of February 16, received more than 100 passengers letter of commendation (s), the central, provincial City news media reported that more than 40 times, and achieved good social effects.

, activities, practices

recruiting social youth volunteers and railway youth volunteers to conduct a joint Spring Festival volunteer service activities, is a high-tech issues, difficult and demanding. Bureau of the Communist Youth League in accordance with the voluntary registration, the principle of merit-based admission, posts and services, efforts to expand volunteers to participate in the coverage, pay attention to grasp the recruitment, scheduling, training, integration of resources, daily management, key card control in recognition of the eight key aspects of media coverage, etc., to build the Communist Youth League organizations into the center during the spring, the overall brand of the service.

First, grasp the topic, develop programs to fully understand and grasp the 2011 full Road, the general requirements of the Global Spring Festival travel season, the overall arrangements in accordance with the spirit of the meeting of January 30 Spring Festival Transportation young volunteers television and telephone and the Communist Youth League, take the initiative to report to the Railway Administration, the bureau party committee and the group of Hubei Provincial Committee for support timely organization Railway Administration departments and grassroots units coordination meetings, and deployment arrangements Lu Di between the grass-roots units docking to achieve the overall work to achieve the Services Spring Festival a clear summarizes last year's work experience, a good start in accordance with the those activities) activities required to regulate in advance the requirements of the Railway League cadres and the hearts of young volunteers to be organization and implementation, and results of the activities recorded in accordance with the scheduled program of activities. overall work to do integration of resources, a good source of recruitment, with network, television stations, radio stations and other media published the information society to recruit the Provincial Committee of the Consortium in the relevant university organization to recruit student volunteers, recruitment information released in Juzhu online media. arrange to green on duty, accepted the registration of all volunteers and interpretation register and record of the volunteers participating in the registration, a detailed record of volunteer his or her name, gender, schools, departments, service time, the intention of service, expertise, contact telephone number, ID number and other information, and through the arms Fe Public Security Bureau volunteer ID card verification, to ensure that the authenticity of the registration as a volunteer to undergo a rigorous selection and layers of screening, more than 400 young students from more than 50 universities lucky enough to become a service railway spring. logistically actively coordinate the resolution of the volunteers live and between Hugh Wu Rail travel service company in Wuchang station for volunteers to provide dining facilities; Bank of Hankou, Wuchang station for volunteers to provide free spaces between Hugh; Hubei Mobile, Wuhan Branch in Hankou station for volunteers to provide free spaces between Hugh and in personnel training, and the Bureau of Public Security Bureau, Bureau of Passenger Department, Vocational base station Wuchang, Hankou station communicate well in advance to prepare volunteers to the passenger business, personal safety, regulations discipline, knowledge of emergency, the station structure, equipment and facilities for business, training, explain the meaning of the Railway Spring Festival and the current railway developments and employees working conditions, editing, printing the improve and standardize the youth volunteer service and management process

strict management, standardized service. procedures, and report to set up volunteer work leading group to coordinate volunteer activities related matters peak passenger flow, the major task of the day shift, transfer of services to owners and other key areas to focus on card control. Railway Administration set up the Spring Festival of Youth Volunteer those who work command center to coordinate the Wuchang (including Wuhan), the Hankou station in the station square, waiting rooms, ticket offices, sites and other key places to set up a volunteer service in the morning and afternoon peak passenger flow period, the major task of service hours, Lu Di Youth volunteers joint posts to co-ordinate set the frequency of service, service hours and contacts, volunteer services and work specification prepared according to the characteristics of the Spring Festival Transportation regulations and the three station passenger stage. humanistic volunteer travelers characteristics of each station services. Wuhan station to serve the high-end travelers, Wuchang station pit waiting to guide visitors, Hankou station platform service focus visitors to the volunteer service point. Bureau of the Communist Youth League were wrapped Paul Wuchang, Wuhan, the Hankou three stations youth volunteer service activities, arrangements for the 20 basic units of the Wuhan region part of league cadres and young backbone, respectively, with each frequency of the service in turn participate in the management, a reasonable guide to the enthusiasm of the volunteers' service to ensure personal safety, to avoid due to inappropriate volunteer behavior caused by adverse Lu Feng reflect specific services through the SMS platform, QQ group, Internet mail and other carriers, timely release information on daily weather conditions, service points, a variety of emergency situations, disposal methods, strengthen youth volunteers to communicate to facilitate the social youth volunteers to do a good job in related services.

innovation vector, showing the image of volunteer activities publicity unified volunteer slogans and banners hung at each station, Wuhan station carefully planned the first day of Spring Festival action program; the induction youth volunteers unified wear the emblem, wearing a good mental outlook of volunteer service activities designed to set up a service group for volunteer service, to provide logistical support for the daily posts of young volunteers. the formation of volunteer advocacy group, each group to determine a propagandist, and through self- recommended an elected head of the advocacy group, and guide the young volunteers to do the railway business advocates, supervisors, supervising the railway workers show a good image of the good railway opened Wuhan Railway Spring Festival Youth Volunteer Work blog on the Internet regularly in accordance with the media attention, perception volunteer work, service star service Glimpse part update, do volunteer work Summary in phases and activities in publicity releases, and actively promote the Spring Festival volunteer service in advanced classic and touching stories, while also making the network public opinion collection. As of February 16, the Wuhan Railway Spring Festival Youth Volunteer Work blog traffic has reached 58825 hits in a single day up to 3803, compiled and published in volunteer activities sentiment 177, the media attention 69 service Glimpse 84 75 Service Star, Information Bulletin 15, 700 service photos.

Second, the effectiveness of the activities

volunteer service to create a new and effective social mobilization mechanism and ways to create an effective carrier of a new economic and social change in the building of spiritual civilization, created a new spirit of contemporary young people loved and accepted fashion by organizations to recruit social youth volunteers to participate in Spring Festival Transportation achieved good results, to create a favorable public opinion environment, and enhance community understanding of the Spring Festival Transportation, enrich young people's ideological and political work, and ability to exercise the majority of part group cadres.

harmonious Spring Festival, Spring Festival peace Hubei Daily, Daily Xiangyang, the Metropolis Daily, Golden Paper, Sports Network, the Yangtze net Road, inside and outside the news media, repeatedly publicity reported Railway Administration Service Railway Spring Festival activities to recruit community volunteers. On January 25th, Xinhua The Network published a report entitled reports into a beautiful landscape. February 4, 2009, the PRC published a paper entitled reported youth overspill style show, volunteer smile the Yaojiang City entitled Hubei TV Station Economic Channel, February 15 Central People's Radio Voice of China were reported youth volunteers Services Wu Tiechun transport activities of the media coverage from different angles, different point of view, a true reflection of the Railway Administration during Spring Festival, publicity global staff and youth volunteers to ensure the traveling public, channels. the spring of this year the theme of voluntary service activities is the convenience and benefit measures, the railway cadres and workers Spring Festival, the dedication of the spring, small family homes, for the dedication of all the hardship, a mass 10, the spread being delivered to each and every one, through the major news media widely publicized further enhance the public understanding and support of the Spring Festival Transportation Work as volunteers to participate in spring transportation services in the log have written: the spirit of our youth volunteers, tired but happy, we did a real service, real harvest; really hard, really happy. willing to devote themselves to the spiritual essence of thanks to 'participation in the spring, our platform to experience the Spring Festival, Service Spring Festival', we were rewarded with school knowledge and experience of the Wuhan Railway Bureau. staff did not come home a month is common; because of the volunteer service, let us a true feel of the railway during the spring to ensure that our visitors 'go, go' arduous efforts, the railway staff visitors to pay tribute. : volunteers, you like a spring, you like the sun, every time you service, will bring warmth to the travelers, ask you to each sincere, caring, honesty, and injected into each corner of the Spring Festival, so that more peace Wuchang Station Spring Festival, more harmony! but really thank you for the spring With your warmer!

railway passenger stations Spring Festival provides the service of truth, to make a real contribution to the spring of this year the theme is carry forward the affirmation and recognition of leadership Wuchang station party secretary Li Jianhong said: volunteer service activities has been carried out in Wuchang, Wuhan station, organized, high-quality, attentive service, the work of conscientious outlook to show in the front of the majority of visitors. They run around the first line of the tourists need to provide passengers with mobility aids, guide services, and help to maintain the station order, a red ribbon constitutes a brilliant mobile landscape. Wuchang Station webmaster Zhang Ji-Xin: Volunteer Service an eternal and glorious career, the Railway Administration Youth League organizations, volunteers Services Wu Tiechun transport activities since the carrying out of the first day of the Spring Festival, the volunteers are not afraid tired and suffering are not afraid of dedication not only won the praise of the passengers, but also work for the station's passenger services injected new vitality, their services and station services together to build a new station Spring Festival services card, thanks to the help provided by the volunteer work for the station during Spring Festival. Hankou station, deputy party secretary in charge of the Spring Festival volunteer work, the union president Liu Renxiong : young people in society with each other, know each other. the Bureau of the Communist Youth League QQ group, the SMS platform, the Internet and work address, work blog and a series of young people easily accept new ways and means to do a good job of ideological and political work of the social youth through on-site effective organizations and the security card control, volunteer command center to grasp the understanding of the specific circumstances of each service station by telephone in the morning and afternoon, the Bureau of the Communist Youth League and Railway League cadres of the three stations someone stare control, the full implementation of the a series of activities such as workflow management, push forward to ensure that the volunteer service activities. Up to now no one volunteers to breaches of work discipline, no one volunteers to reflect the bad, we always able to maintain high passion of these ways and means for the group organize the railway young people's ideological and political work provides a useful reference. Lu Di group organization resource sharing, win-win cooperation to explore new ways, especially the Hubei University of Engineering and Technology, River City College of China University of Geosciences, Wuhan Railway Vocational and Technical College Youth League Youth League initiative and the Council to contact a request for cooperation, joint Service Railway Spring Festival activities of student volunteers, and assumed a station of volunteer service. Spring Festival activities through youth volunteer service, Lu Di league organizations to strengthen communication, established a good partnership has laid a solid foundation for future similar activities. the same time, the new activities of the League cadres stood the test, get exercise, improve the ability to part-time CYL cadres have the performance of high standards of quality personally the majority of young people recognized, and thus further enhance group cohesion and combat effectiveness of the organization.

three activities Inspiration

recruit social youth volunteers to participate in Spring Festival Transportation, is a new challenge is a lively practice, a successful attempt to do the Youth League work has brought a lot of useful inspiration.
must perform the functions of a good Communist Youth League, to play the organizational advantage, trying to find and create a new space of the Communist Youth League work. recruit college volunteer service during Spring Festival is a new exploration of the railway works of the Communist Youth League, is to provide visitors with a new exploration of high quality and efficient service for clients, is a social care and enjoy the convenient and effective service experience; volunteers, is a contributing to society, the common good of the social practice; group organizations, is a resource sharing, and fully mobilize the youth to actively effective means of event to further expand the areas of work of the organizations of railway enterprise group, to create a railway work of the Communist Youth League brand, show a good image of the railway quality service.

must identify youth league organizations for seeking the point to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the young Officer entrepreneurship and business management more standardized, all kinds of urgent, difficult, dangerous, heavy, new tasks corresponding borne by the professional sector, the Communist Youth League is an urgent need for volunteer service platform, enterprise and service travelers seamless connection of service to the community based on the majority of volunteers in the spring, positive protection service spring, guide, and play well, so that the youth in the process of participating in group activities of the organization, to meet their own interests need to improve their ability to achieve the value of your life. focus on and improve the corresponding incentives to respect the reasonable demands of the volunteers, the implementation of humane care, care for the physical and mental health of young people, give full play to individual strengths, and continue to mobilize the enthusiasm of the young General's

must adhere to the carrier of the times, innovative ways to continuously improve quality and efficiency of the Communist Youth League is a youth mass organizations, the group's activities young people easily accepted, happy to participate, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of young people to participate in activities in the activity , we focus on the use of modern technology, innovative work methods, by opening the SMS platform, the platform of QQ, Netease work blog, compiled and distributed photos of volunteer activities, activities, personal insights, etc., set up a special service for the volunteer service group good service volunteer work, effectively, to further mobilize the enthusiasm of the majority of the work of volunteers and improve service standards and quality of the Spring Festival

four must adhere to the exercise culture group in the hard work of cadres, through practice improve the quality and capacity of the League cadres through the grasp of the backbone of the volunteer team building, we feel that the league organizations should focus on the backbone of the group cadre training, play their radiation effects, encouraging youth to do a good job in their own work. for systematic training and practice of education combining to help the group of cadres to work on expanding horizons, and comprehensively improve the operational capacity, organizational capacity, innovation and leadership skills, promote the quality of League cadres, enhancing the overall
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