to see the girl

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to see the girl

Postby piper332 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 5:21 am

Just this year I lost my love, my pain had a sad sad over the pain after a bitter crying, and just this year there is a girl and a boy loves him, and she loves the boy, separated , the former being very happy with each other are very very happy, but in the second half of this year, they opened a restaurant, the girl is on the class and free the boy to help, but the girls did not think of is to open this hotel, in the open what she had not, it seems he is from the boys to do this for her, the boy called to her and other girls. Philandering,isabel marant, girls sad pain, and her fight, did not think the boy hit the girl, calling him a good nasty curse, and said What kind of girl you say you are nothing, you help me what you What did not help me, so the girls try to help her after work the night the girls also took the children, but the boy still did not see her, the boy said she did not use to not make money, earn I will not, no far-reaching effects, the girl let her go and her colleagues, did not think the boy on the bad girl fight every day, every day, angry, very good colleague of boys to girls, jealous girls, and boys and girls also angry that she can not help me anything, so that the girl's colleagues well, girls do not go to the hotel was not a boy and girl to call, boys and girls where to go help my colleagues call her, the girl's colleagues carrying girl stolen the girl's colleagues boys eat something good and they get to buy all the stuff to them, boy and girl, the girl of her colleagues do not like girls? Girl is that you go to live it with her, the boy said, she did not give me too,cycling jersey, said he had to give me, I will give him too early, but the sad girl, the girl did not think they will this girl hard that can not let him come ah? Said the boy casually upset, the girl said to the girl's sister can go to help, but sometimes the girl's sister trying to keep the boy busy girl so tired, but I did not expect a few days the boy said no too busy not let you colleagues Come on, girls, happy to say, Well, wait until the girl's colleague where to go if they have changed the boys why they get to laugh on the mouth, the girl looked good heart sick, the girl can not be said that many times classes, and go and the boy but the boy seems to want is, non-willing girls colleagues go, but the girl's father has not told the girl not to leave this place to say here, good work, girl and her father said you I hope we can have a good is not it? The girl said to go and the boy, but the girl's father does not live or die on the distinction between the hotel called said no, the girl said no, or sub-let her and the boy, or else let the girl go and the boy,cycling jersey, and later several downtown back to the girl did not leave the boy a good heart sick strange girl, boy and girl fight every day, girls and boys in a fight where the girl will not go live boy, the boy can sing every day, not decent to go drinking, playing to two three girls and a boy to call off the boy, until three boys only boot, say phone battery died, or looking for excuses, says something, the girl completely unable to manage boys, girls and boys talk about until the time The boy said no time, girls and boys called to say we can not live flat light, the girl that I am not afraid not afraid of you have no money better than a lifetime as long as you have no money of my life I will not say the line, but the boy had flat light, I had the flies showing great promise, but it, however, that we forget the girl said, but waited a few days the boy made a phone call from a girl to like, but the girls think there is a child that the child is innocent, the girl like a lot of would rather give up their own and do not want to separate the boys, so the girls to find the boy that we, regardless of the good, the boy said, if you do not live separately then you call me and put my other girls to play, you will not worry me I want to go go there, you do not control, I want the woman to sleep worth mentioning, anyway you do not control it wants. If you want me to call it that and then I went to look at you and I left it, but I want to go Why why, the girl heard that line,isabel marant, the girl endured cry, wait until the girl came out from the hotel cried when the girl cried all the way to go to work where the girls hold back the cry to see the girl afraid of the girl's father would feel bad so the girls hold back the cry, until the girl feel better when you go to a restaurant to help the boy afraid of becoming angry, the girl is not careful sense dared to speak, until a few days later came up girls and boys noisy,cheap toms, noisy, terrible,discount toms, the boy hit the girl, the girl where the boy is not called back to work, girls have to go back, the boy severely beat the girl,bike jersey, the girl cried,cycle jersey, cried the girl back, girl Why would this be like, why did not love it? Girls and boys did not like how easily together, girls and boys together in order to eat four or five hundred boys sleeping pills, to rescue the girl, the boy sad, to see the girl, the girl's father and mother let the boy see Girls, girls wake up more want to see the boy after the girl's father looked at the girl, but a good tight, let the girl to get close to the boy,biking jersey, the pain of a sad girl, until one occasion the girl by someone else's phone call to the boy when the boy received and said the girl who said you come back, the boy came back with a girl crying girl say that you come back. I have something to say, boy or girl does not return the phone to play a lot of times the boy finally agreed to come back, the girls want to get out to see the boy until the evening when the girl ran to see the boys, girls and boys to see the boy saw a girl In the face the face of the meal, the girl heartbroken, the boy called out to her that you still want me, boy that I have brought people into good and evil is a woman, I put people away ah? So you send away her good girl that I told you, girls and boys ran away, boys and girls live together, how long lived family finally agreed to marry the girl, so girls and boys back together but now the boy forgot are changed, the boy forgot to girls what to do for her,toms shoes clearance, boys and girls fight beat up the boy that at that time just before you shelter your poor, in fact, do not like you, good sad girl, the boy said he would find good girl to her than the girl more, the girl was hurt,bike jersey, can not wait now dead, the girl does not love her boy feeling,cycling jersey, there will be no sad to leave all the girls, and girls to the work place to eat three forty sleeping pills and then cut off his own wrist, the girl's blood flows out of a lot of girls and boys sent a message that you take care bye boy, the boy ran to the girls that live in the wrong place, to where the girl has been unconscious, the boy was quickly called and said to others,isabel marant online, the boy holding the girl go out into the hospital to run, the girl was tired, when the hospital until the doctors say no to another hospital, the boys and girls everywhere to borrow money outside the other Hospital run, until the girl awake girl home, the doctor said the girl's hand to see the good support, or recovery bad perhaps crippled hand, so hard-hearted boy hate the girl so the boy would not abandon them before the boys in the , the boy becomes a girl becomes unable to manage, the girl heartache, and the girl's hand pain, but who knows how the girl's heart pain,toms shoes for sale, boys and girls separated, the girl the girl's hand slowly began to work better, strange feeling good girls and boys, boys and girls on the co-workers every day, go out drinking every day, every day, two three-point play, the girl whether she had completely separated, the girl hurts it hurts,isabel marant fringe boots, the girl suddenly found herself pregnant,toms shoes on sale, the girl and the boy sent the information that she was pregnant, the boy ignored either, when added together to be a girl about it, the boy hit her over the phone that came back to say so out drinking, said the girl alone, do not you come back outside drinking it, the boy said quickly on the back, but the girls more than boys to appear until a little boy came to her the key to the girl let the boy go boy not to go, girls and boys up to fight the girl said the boy hit the girl on the outside ghost of the girl said no,cycling jersey, the boy hit the girl, the girl did not dare say the boy hit her fear of pain, so the girl said the boy how to do a thorough say the points of it, why bother? The boy is gone, the girl hit the boy's face was swollen, the girl hit the boy's eyes were dark, so girls, the child destroyed, the girl endured several days of pain, the boy hit the girl in the stomach at night has been pain is not quite the girl finally get through the suffering of a few days,bike jersey, the girls figured out to give up, call girls, boys and girls do not have access, the boy cried for a long time, the boy said she was big now on no more than other girls she was so good, the girl said to you since you know that I so well, why do this to me, boys and girls that do not want to sub, the girl said no no, never hit it I will not tell you to live, and boy cry of pain, like you said I could not find such a good girl to me, the girl said, since you know why you and other women link? Life and death do not say sorry straight boy that could not bear to give up the girl, the boy will never feel right, always the fault of the girl,toms shoes for kids, the boy always think girls will bring her into trouble and drag, so the girls gave up, the boy wanted it really colleagues went to where the girl uncomfortable dumplings,bike jersey, the girl saw, very sad, the girl still has her heart, after all, after all, who love girls, girls sad cry, the girl really want to feel tired from this place, but the girl called the girl's parents do not go, so the girls can only tolerate watching the boys go on like this. Feeling tired feeling that one day the girl really can not stand, then do not know what else to do, the girl very much like loss of memory, but how to do. This is the January 25, 2011, the girl wrote to commemorate the so-called love is such a tragic end through.
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