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heart-shaped oakley sunglasses

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Section III, the ecological role of water on the plants and landscape effects of water is an important part of the plant. General planting firmware contain 60% -80%, even more than 90% of the water plant nutrients absorption and transport, as well as photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration and other physiological functions, must have moisture to participate in the next in order. water is plant material conditions of existence, but also affect plant morphology, growth, development, reproduction and seed dispersal and other important raw read factor, therefore, water can directly affect the plants healthy growth, the Bank has a variety of special landscape of planting willow water in the natural state of the solid state (snow, frost, sleet, hail), liquid state (rain, dew, the gas state (cloud, fog , etc.). rain is the main source,cheap oakley sunglasses, so the annual rainfall, rainfall frequency, intensity and anisotropy with the situation directly affect plant growth and landscape, air humidity and plant landscape air humidity play a big role on plant growth. misty, high altitude mountains, dry posture attitudes, Wan purple dry red ornamental plants, they grow on the rock crevice in the barren soil parent material, or attached born in other plants such plants no solid soil foundation, the raw sequence with high air humidity and India is a stake such as in hot and humid tropical rainforest, tall trees, often epiphytic large fern, such as the Bird's Nest vine, rock Jiang the epilepsy, Vittaria, star fern plant takes the shape of hanging, drooping posture, payable to wait and see, like the Hanging Gardens of rattan development plant your own unique storage organization, Jianfengling, due to the trunk, crotch, and ground covered with moss, terrestrial orchids everywhere, the growth of epiphytic orchids; Tianmu Mountain, Huangshan clouds grass at higher elevations to achieve a sufficient air humidity can be epiphytes in the trees, colorful flowers only vegetable orchid and water absorption are strong moss grows on the cliffs of the high altitude with; the Huangshan fishes back in the soil parent material over a long resistance, barren ornamental plants such as meadowsweet, but mainly rely on the high humidity in the air to maintain the growth of these natural plant landscape bite to simulate the creation of the relative air humidity not less than 80%, we can in the exhibition greenhouses, artificial plants landscape creation, the period of deadwood on epiphytic many bright flowering of epiphytic orchids,cheap oakley sunglasses, flowers and leaves Ministry beautiful bromeliad, as well as a variety of ferns, water and plant landscape of different plant species, due to the long-term living in the environment of the different water conditions, the formation of water demand relationship on different ecological habits and adaptability. based on plant water relations, plant is divided into aquatic, wet (marsh), high school students, xerophytic and other ecological types are different in external morphology, internal organizational structure, drought, water logging capacity and plant landscape gardens in different types of water: river, lake, pond, brook, lake, pool, the surface of the water depth and area of ​​different shapes, you must select the appropriate plants to beautify. (a] life of aquatic plant landscape in the water of aquatic plants, some submerged, some floating, some part of the organ elongation of the water, so the landscape is very different on the water all the underwater part of the plant can absorb nutrients,oakley sunglasses, it is often degraded. such as Salvinia Ping genus (Salivinia) is the root; Azolla (Azolla), duckweed (Lemna), water turtle is (Hydrocharia), Pontederiaceae is a (Potenderia) and the drift is (Pistia) and other plants the After root formation, and soon stop growing, regardless of technology, removing the root hairs; duckweed (Lemnaminor) the horsetails (Hippurisvulgaris), white water lily (Nymphaea alba) have no root hairs. variety of aquatic plant foliage shape. Ceratophyllum demersum L. (Hottonia) plant submerged leaves often filiform, linear,oakley sunglasses, apricot dish, brandy bottle, floating leaf is often very wide, showing the shield-shaped lip or oval-shaped, heart-shaped, many plants such as Trapa door (Tra-pa),oakley sunglasses sale, two kinds of leaves, submerged leaves linear, floating leaves diamond. now examples of common aquatic plants of the garden are shown in Table 3 (b) of wetland plants landscape in nature, the root of these plants often not in shallow water or wet soil, water harbor or tropical moist, shaded forest. This is a class of drought resistance of the smallest terrestrial plants does not meet the air humidity is a lot of changes. class of plants the vast majority are herbs, rarely woody. available in the plant landscaping bald cypress, Taxodium ascendens, Taxodium, Mexico, cork, water coconut (Nypa),armani sunglass, mangrove (Rhigophora),oakleys sunglasses, white willow ( of Salix alba), willow,oakley sunglasses, Salix, black poplar, maple, two flower tupelo (Nyssabiflora), bamboo brown (Sabal), marsh date palm (the Phoenix pa1udoa), white wax, tallow, Shan Lihong, alder, pear , tung, buergerianum, cotton wood, edge willow, oleander, fig genus, water Weng, dry celandine, yellow iris, capers (c) xerophytes landscape in the Loess Plateau, desert, desert and other arid tropical growth of drought-resistant plants such as Hainan Island bachelor tree in the desert and on the beach, Casuarina leaves degenerated into very small scales, along with the growth of Dracaena, cactus and other plants. pulpy succulent storage of large amounts of water in the leaves and stems. West African baobab tree in the eve of the mouth, the thickest tree trunks up to 40 people encircle storage as much as 40 tons; South America, Central bottle tree, trunk crude up to 5m in diameter, but also storage large amounts of water; North America in the desert cactus, up to 15-25m of water storage for more than two tons. China's Loess Plateau, persons with a thick layer, the roots of some species can tie very deep dug the Suez Canal, and found that some Tamarix root length is 30m, through the arid desert soil until it reaches the groundwater at the Scotch Pine in the arid desert region, due to sand erosion, root above ground height of about 2m, but not wind down, because the level of root distribution of up to 17 - 18m. Pakistan Karachi, since 1984, four consecutive years of no rain, 1988, under the only 25mm of rain, very dry, but the native of Brazil, triangular flowers and Cuban king coconut, and oleander growth remains normal, Pinus sylvestris in China, Xiaoqing Yang, simonii, of Caragana microphylla, willow Spiraea, cedar, white willow, Salix, the structure tree, Dalbergia, Elm Park, Elaeagnus son, Shan Lihong, soap England, cedar, arborvitae, cypress, tree of heaven, Bunge, Cassia, Pistacia chinensis, Diospyros, white oak, cork oak, stone oak, Castanopsis, acacia, wisteria, purple spike puppet so drought, is a good species of the xerophytic landscape landscaping.
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