Apparently Percy Harvin Beat Up His Seahawks Teammates And Refused To Re-enter The Cowboys Game


Seattle Times- One source confirmed a report that Harvin had gotten into an altercation with former Seahawk Golden Tate before the Super Bowl that resulted in Tate getting a black eye.

A source also said Harvin had an altercation with Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin in the week leading up to the final exhibition game this August at Oakland that resulted in Baldwin getting a cut on his chin and each player being excused from practices that week. Harvin, who did not practice for two days before that game, did not make the trip to Oakland for what the team said at the time was “a personal matter.”

One final straw, a league source said, came in Sunday’s 30-23 loss to Dallas when Harvin apparently balked at going back into the game in the fourth quarter. Harvin played 26 of 48 official snaps but did not play 11 of the final 17. He finished with six touches for minus-1 yard.

So Percy Harvin sounds like kiiiiiiind of a dick, huh?  I guess that explains how a player with MVP-caliber talent can get traded twice in less than 24 months.  Roughing up your teammates and refusing to enter games with playoff atmospheres are kind of a big deal to NFL coaches and execs.  The minute your ability no longer outweighs the headaches you create (literally) and the money you cost, you are shipped to the Island of Misfit Toys North, South, East or West (Bengals, Cowboys, Jets, or Raiders).

The interesting thing about the story is not that Harvin got into a fight with teammates, but who he fought with.  A lot of players get into scrums with guys on the other side of the ball, as constantly hitting each other in practice can lead to a lot of aggression.  But Harvin fought teammates that play the same position as him.  Usually those are the guys you are closest with, even if they are gunning for your job.

So now Hard Hittin’ Harvin brings his ridiculous wheels, injury red flags, and whatever color flags you get after you beat up your teammates.  If everything works out, Geno Smith will have a legit weapon at his disposal that could help him evolve as a quarterback.  But if it doesn’t, everyone will say this is another example of the Jets bringing the circus to town.  Please Jets, never change.

P.S.  If Percy ever decides to pound on Eric Decker’s beautiful face, the fans of Eric & Jessie: Game On will be out for blood (and Harvin will probably get his ass kicked).

By theclemreport posted October 18th, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Eminem Threatening To Beat Up Moby At The 2002 MTV Awards Taking Us Into The Weekend


Eminem turns 42 today.  Let that sink in.  Happy Birthday, Marshall. Have a great weekend everybody!

By trent posted October 17th, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Weatherman Tries To Do A Report With A Dog And All The Dog Wants To Do Is Play


via Global News


I gotta say, I don’t love the actions of Mike the weather man there.  Yeah, the video was cute and all with him trying to do the broadcast while Ripple jumped around and looked cute as shit.  But here’s the thing, when Ripple wants to play, you play with Ripple.  I don’t care if you have to stop in the middle of your TV job.  You stop and you play with Ripple.  Done and done.  You don’t get to choose when you stop and play with Ripple.  Ripple chooses.  Even though you’re the one with the leash, Ripple decides when it’s play time.  You can re-shoot the segment later.  Right now, it’s play time.    You think anybody cares about your stupid weather forecast?  Of curse not.  Now with smart phones and weather apps that can tell us the weather in a matter of seconds (and more accurately) you guys are borderline obsolete.  So he needed to soak this up.  The only reason people are watching is because of Ripple.  He’s the headliner.  He’s the main attraction.  So fuck the green screen and fuck the cameras.  Ripple wants to play.

By trent posted October 17th, 2014 at 4:53 PM

A Couple Off The Italian Coast Hospitalized After They Got Stuck Together While Having Sex In The Sea

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 2.35.25 PM


NYDN- An Italian couple having sex in the sea were hospitalized after they ended up getting “stuck” together due to suction. The duo was reportedly taking an amorous dip near Porto San Giorgio, in the eastern Marche region of Italy, when the man found himself unable to disengage, The Local reports. Red-faced, the entangled pair remained in the Adriatic Sea’s water for several minutes before catching the attention of a woman walking along the shore. She gave them a towel and the connected twosome struggled to walk back to the land. A medic was called and they were soon rushed to hospital, where doctors helped to dilate the woman’s uterus so the man could safely detach.


Well that’s peculiar.  When was the last time anybody talked to KFC?  He’s been pretty quiet these last couple of weeks, no?  I know he’s on his honeymoon so he’s obviously busy, but he’s a blogger. Being a blogger means you’re grossly obsessed with your phone and the internet.  Could his radio silence be due to…….getting stuck?  That might make some sense.  What does this mean if it’s him? Do I get to write for Barstool New York for another week while he recovers in the hospital?  Do I get to go back to New York?  That’d be kinda dope.  Lots of unanswered questions.  If I do get to go back to New York hopefully I get to meet Mo this time.

h/t mark

By trent posted October 17th, 2014 at 3:45 PM

Erin Andrews Can’t Stand Sharing The Limelight With Buster Posey’s Adorable Son Because Of Course

Hey Erin, let the kid be a kid, nobody’s going to remember your snappy line telling a toddler to stay composed. Completely unnecessary, just say “Congratulations, your dad did it!” and move on. But of course no way she couldn’t stick her little comment in there. It’s not like it was spur of the moment, ya saw the kid crying and planned on saying something that you could go back to your girlfriends and say, “OMG, did hear what I said to that blobbering mess? SO funny.” Grow up.

P.S. Buster Posey, even being married with a kid, is probably the closest thing to Jeter the MLB is going to have for the next few decades.

By saint brendan posted October 17th, 2014 at 3:10 PM

World Health Organization Admits They’ve Done Basically Everything Wrong When It Comes To Ebola

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.05.11 PM


Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 12.07.05 PM


LONDON (AP) — In a draft document, the World Health Organization has acknowledged that it botched attempts to stop the now-spiraling Ebola outbreak in West Africa, blaming factors including incompetent staff and a lack of information. In the document obtained by The Associated Press, the agency wrote that experts should have realized that traditional infectious disease containment methods wouldn’t work in a region with porous borders and broken health systems. ”Nearly everyone involved in the outbreak response failed to see some fairly plain writing on the wall,” WHO said in the document. “A perfect storm was brewing, ready to burst open in full force.” The U.N. health agency acknowledged that, at times, even its own bureaucracy was a problem. It noted that the heads of WHO country offices in Africa are “politically motivated appointments” made by the WHO regional director for Africa, Dr. Luis Sambo, who does not answer to the agency’s chief in Geneva, Dr. Margaret Chan. WHO is the U.N.’s specialized health agency, responsible for setting global health standards and coordinating the global response to disease outbreaks. The document — a timeline on the Ebola outbreak — was not issued publicly but the AP was told the health agency would be releasing it earlier this week. However, WHO officials said in an email Friday that the timeline would now probably not be released publicly. No official at the agency would comment Friday on the draft report.


I don’t know how you interpret that release from the World Health Organization but the way it looks to me is they were pretty much like, “This virus isn’t going to be that serious.  Sure, we’ll let people get on flights without getting checked in Africa.  Not a huge deal.  Sure, we’ll have no understanding as to how to handle this virus but it’ll go away. It’ll go away because all major diseases go away in time.  Remember SARS?  Exactly.  Nobody does because it wasn’t a big deal.” then it turned out it is a big deal.  That line of thinking is fine for your everyday Twitter user with 216 followers.  The person who keeps saying “You guys are freaking out about nothing.  Relax.”  They’re entitled to their opinion even though it’s usually wrong.  But the WHO, the people whose sole job is to prevent viruses like Ebola from spreading, isn’t allowed to think like that.  It’s crazy how most of the news we’re now hearing about Ebola isn’t so much about the virus itself but about the failure from of simple protocols by humans to contain it.  That nurse in Dallas got Ebola because they didn’t follow protocols.  The WHO couldn’t contain it in West Africa because they didn’t follow protocols.  I honestly think we’re fucked.  I’ve thought that all along but now I think it more than ever.  At first I thought that way because I figured the virus was just gonna keep morphing and killing us in different ways.  Now I think the biggest reason it’s going to kill all of us is because humans are too stupid to figure out the right way to contain it.  Maybe the world will be better off without us (it will be).


PS- I tweeted this the other day but it still stands true: I’m still super scared of Ebola and think it has the chance to ruin the world.  But I’ll be damned if I don’t love watching people change their tune from “You guys are worried about nothing” to “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE”  I’m the type of person who would rather be right about a virus that could end human civilization than be wrong.  Yeah, lots of people are gonna die but at least I’d be right.  I’m almost rooting for Ebola at this point.


Double PS- What part of the zombie/epidemic movie are we currently in?  We’re definitely past the introduction and opening credits where everything is fine and there’s rumblings about a disease that could wipe out humans.  I think we’re at the part where it’s looking a bit more serious in public circles but behind closed doors of the rich and powerful scientists and government officials are telling their families to prepare for all hell to break loose and to get to the bunker.

By trent posted October 17th, 2014 at 1:30 PM

John Grisham Says Looking At Kiddie Porn Doesn’t Make You A Pedo


(Big time pedo stare)

KRON 4Famed legal thriller writer John Grisham is at the center of a controversy after he told a British newspaper that viewing child pornography doesn’t necessarily make you a pedophile.

Grisham told the Telegraph newspaper that the American legal system has “gone crazy” by sending child porn viewers to prison for mandatory ten-year sentences.

We have prisons now filled with guys my age. Sixty-year-old white men in prison who’ve never harmed anybody, would never touch a child,” he told the paper. “But they got online one night and started surfing around, probably had too much to drink or whatever, and pushed the wrong buttons, went too far and got into child porn.

Grisham is the author of such best-selling legal thrillers as The Firm and A Time to Kill. He’s sold more than a quarter million books over his 25-year career.

The author says he has no sympathy for people who actually sexually abuse children. But he tells the story of a college buddy who served three years for “accidentally” downloading pictures of 16-year old girls.

“There’s so many of them now. There’s so many ‘sex offenders’ – that’s what they’re called – that they put them in the same prison. Like they’re a bunch of perverts, or something; thousands of ’em. We’ve gone nuts with this incarceration,” he said.

Grisham made the comments in an interview meant to promote the release of his new book.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, kiddie porn?

Look, John, I know you’ve written all these legal thrillers over the years that I’ve never read because I watched the movie instead, but there’s no way you can debate your way out of this one. Even if you wrote a book about somebody getting charged as an internet pedo, you become a pedo by association. Big time no-no even at arms length. Look at Joe Paterno…pedo by association literally killed him.

When you’re dealing with a crime so heinous that the bangers in prison go out of their way to shiv pedos for morality purposes and your argument is, “He had a few too many Mic Ultra’s,” you’re gonna lose that argument. More over, there’s so much free porn on the internet and choices that you have to go out of your way to find something like that. There’s no mistaking the intention to do that. And usually when you see these old white guys on To Catch A Predator try or the news try to explain the situation, you know they’re guilty. Same with Pirate Porn, you can just tell the ones that are into it no matter what they say.

By saint brendan posted October 17th, 2014 at 12:40 PM

Katie Nolan Continues To Be A National Treasure As She “Chugged” Six Beers On Camera


I enjoyed that very much.  Maybe for reasons that shouldn’t be stated here and shall remain in a dark corner of my brain until called upon.  Where does Katie Nolan stand with Barstool?  I recall there being some sort of vote on the Rundown about whether or not she was dead to us because she hadn’t been on the show in awhile.  I think the other guys voted for her to not be dead to us which was a wise move.  It was a wise move because she’s a national treasure and because of shit like this.  Her “chugging” six beers on camera right in Madison Bumgarner’s grill mix.  She’s 1000% right by the way.  Bumgarner letting all of the beer spill down the front of his jersey isn’t chugging beers.  It’s actually the opposite of chugging beers.  It’s spilling beers.  Do it the right way.  Chug the beers individually, shotgun the beers or pour those bad boys into a funnel and let’s see him really do it.  That’s what the people want.  Don’t waste that liquid gold.  Don’t pretend you’re doing it when in actuality it’s nothing more than a beer wet t-shirt contest.  Or do what Katie did and use a bunch of straws to drink every last drop of beer like a champ.  It might take a little longer but getting drunk is a process.  Enjoy it.  A great video all the way around.  Getting paid to drink a whole mess of beers on camera is good work if you can get it.


PS- That video is Photoshop city.  I have no idea how to use Photoshop but the internet does so that should be interesting.

By trent posted October 17th, 2014 at 11:52 AM
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