Open Challenge To All The Fordham, Rutgers, And SUNY Stoolies To Show Us How Its Done At This Saturday’s “Back To School” Party At Suite 36

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So the idea behind this Saturday’s day drinking/college football extravaganza is for everyone to come out rocking their school’s colors and rep their college. Whether you’re a post grad looking to throw it back and feel like you’re in school again or if you’re still a student and just wanna booze with the Barstool crowd. So this is my open challenge to all the schools that I think represent Barstool New York the best. My alma mater, Fordham. The Dirty Jerz Stoolies from Piscataway, and all you SUNY animals from all over New York State. Everyone always thinks their school parties the hardest and had the most fun so this is your chance to prove it. We’ll be taking pictures for the blog and tweeting out shots all day so if you wanna show the rest of Barstool how its done, come through with a crew and represent your school.

What: Back To School College Football Saturday

Where: Suite 36, 36th between 5th and 6th

When: 2pm

Drink specials: $4 sixteen ounce Bud Lights, $3 college beers Natty and Busch Light

Hourly drink specials for the schools representing the best:

$8 Bud Light Pitchers
$4 shots
$3 Bud Light Drafts
$20 Buckets of Bud Light (6 to a bucket)
$4 well drinks

No cover, no tickets. Just show up and booze it up.

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Chick Wins A Million Dollars On Wheel Of Fortune

Ken Jennings won like $2 million bucks over the course of seventy four episodes of Jeopardy. Sarah here in her suit from Men’s Wearhouse won half that in one night spinning the Wheel with Sajak. Crazy stuff.

By KFC posted September 17th, 2014 at 8:07 PM

Cardinals RB Jonathan Dwyer Supposedly Arrested For Domestic Violence


PITTSBURGH (KDKA) According to reports, Arizona Cardinals running back Jonathan Dwyer has been arrested for domestic violence. Sports reporter Tyler Baldwin first reported the news Wednesday afternoon. Dwyer was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He played college football at Georgia Tech. Dwyer was released by the Steelers prior to the start of the 2013 season. He signed with the Cardinals in March of last year. Dwyer, 25, is listed as the No. 2 running back on the Cardinals’ depth chart. He has rushed for 51 yards and a touchdown on 16 carries over two games this season.

Jonathan Dwyer…come on down!

I’m not gonna talk about domestic violence anymore because I literally am exhausted from it at this point.

But I will say this – if these allegations are true – Jonathan Dwyer is the stupidest motherfucker in the galaxy. It is absolutely INCOMPREHENSIBLE how you can watch one dude’s career completely disappear and another’s hangs in the balance over domestic abuse and you go out and commit the same crimes. Like they are all bad guys but Jonathan Dwyer’s stupidity on top of it all makes it a zillion times more absurd. He had all the knowledge and understanding of what would happen to him if he went down this road and he still couldn’t control himself. Obviously just having a shred of basic human decency should be enough to control yourself, but the extra motivation of knowing your career most like WILL be over and you probably will face tougher penalties than ever because of whats recently happened makes Dwyer the dumbest athlete of all time.

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Barstool NYC Local Smokeshow Of The Day – Natasha




Introducing Natasha from SUNY Farmingdale.  We don’t get too many smokes from SUNY Farm but Natasha is a rocket.  The island does not dissapoint.

Send all smoke nominations to with a name and Facebook link.

Natasha and the SUNY crew are invited to the Barstool New York College Football Party This Saturday at Suite 36 in Herald Square.  It’s looking like theres going to be a lot of great looking people going and reping their schools.

No Cover, This Saturday starting around 2 PM.  Check out the Facebook invite and we’ll see you Saturday.









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The Barstool Hotline For KFC Radio Is Now Open



646-807-8665. Last week was a phenomenal episode of voicemails. Stoolies really stepped it up and brought the heat sparking some great debate and some funny moments. Lets keep it rolling. There’s absolutely NO shortage of material, as these past few weeks have been some of the most hectic in internet history. So no excuses.

Call the hotline today, tonight or tomorrow morning and get your questions/comments/material in before we record.

By KFC posted September 17th, 2014 at 4:50 PM

John Starks Admits Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell” Is True, But Not About Him

“Yo man, y’all niggas ain’t gonna believe what the fuck happened to me.
Remember that bitch I left the club with man? Yo, freaky yo. I’m up in
this bitch player this bitch fucking run them old Knick ass niggas and shit,
I’m up in the spot though. One of them six-five niggas, I don’t know.
Anyway I’m up in the motherfucking spot, so boom I’m up in the pussy,
whatever whatever. I sparks up some lye, Pop Duke creeps up in on some,
must have been rained out or something *laughing* because he’s in the
spot. Had me scared, had me scared, I was shook Daddy – but I forget I
had my Roscoe on me. Always. You know how we do. So anyway the nigga
comes up the stairs, he creeping up the steps, the bitch all shook she
sends the nigga back downstairs to get some drinks and shit. She gettin
mad nervous, I said fuck that man! I’m the nigga, you know how we do it
nigga, ransom note style put the scarf around my motherfucking face,
gagged that bitch up, played the kizzack. Soon this nigga comes up in
the spot, flash the Desert in his face he drops the glass. Looked like
the nigga pissed on his-self or somethin, word to mother! Ahh fuck it
this nigga runs dead to the floor, peels up the carpet, start giving me
mad papers, mad papers. (I told you that bitch was a shiesty bitch cause!
Word to mother I used to fuck her cousin but you ain’t know that! Hahaha.
You wouldn’t know that shit. Really though.) I threw all that
motherfucking money up in the Prater knapsack. Two words, I’m gone!
(No doubt, no doubt… no doubt!) Yo nigga got some lye, y’all got
some lye?”

The internet has long speculated that the dude on the Knicks who Biggie robbed was Hubert Davis.  Through a lot of conjecture and assumptions you can kinda, sorta deduce that the only dude who was 6 foot 5 on a Knicks team that played when Biggie would have been having sex with his girlfriend and robbing him was Hubert. But there was never really any sufficient evidence it was him, or that it was a true story in the first place.

Until now. John Starks confirming that I Got A Story To Tell is fucking incredible. Its the greatest Urban Legend turned True Story of all time. And now I NEED to know who it was. I need it more than I need air. I want to know who Biggie robbed more than who killed JFK. I want to know which member of the Knicks was cuckholded and robbed by Biggie Smalls more than I want to know what’s behind closed doors at Area 51. It could very well be Hubert Davis. There’s a lot of circumstantial evidence surrounding him, for sure. But who knows when this story took place. We just assume it was around 1995, 96 or 97 when Life After Death came out. But who knows. Maybe it was early 90s. Maybe Biggie said 6 foot 5 but he was really just eyeballing the dude. There’s really nobody that we can rationally exclude except very short or very tall players. Everyone in between from like 1990 to 1997 is fair game in my eyes.

So naturally the next thing we have to do is start up a bounty of some sort for John Starks. Start up a Go Fund Me kickstarter fundraiser thing and raise a shit ton of money to get John Starks to confess who was robbed by BIG. And if he doesn’t come forward, someone with this knowledge will. Everyone has a price and when they start to think that someone else from the Knicks or music industry will come forward and claim that reward, they’ll sing like a canary. Someone get on that. Start up the fundraiser right now and lets all fucking buy the truth.

PS – One of the best beats ever

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Woman Commits Suicide By Crocodile

MUANG SAMUTPRAKARN, Thailand A woman in Thailand decided to end her life in a horrible, public way, by jumping into a crocodile enclosure. Police say the 65-year-old woman’s family told them she had seemed depressed. But they didn’t expect her to walk into the reptile farm remove her shoes and jump into the pit filled with several hundred crocs.  Thai police say staff at the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo used sticks to try to keep the animals at bay but to no avail. The Bangkok Times reports Wanpen Inyai isn’t the only person to commit suicide by crocodile. In 2002, a woman did the same thing at the same park. Local radio stations talked to the owner of the park, Uthen Youngprapakorn. He told them the walkways in the park had additional security, and fences added. The body couldn’t be positively identified after the incident, but the family believes it is Inyai because of identification found in the pond the next day. DNA tests are being done to confirm the ID of the remains.

Well thats not very practical. As a matter of fact I’d say this is probably the last way I’d ever kill myself. Like forget about shooting yourself or jumping off a bridge or something. Even if we’re talking about getting weird with some sort of zoo-icide, the crocodile tank is the last place I’m going. At least take me to a tank or a cage with an animal that can knock me out. Some bears or gorillas or some shit that are gonna knock my block off before eating me or something. Crocs are just gonna sit there gnawing on you and tearing your apart. No fuckin thanks.

I guess the real question is, where was the Thailand Zoo Keepers on this one? You got several hundred crocs eating poor Wanpen and all you’re doing is waiving some sticks at them? I’ll tell you one thing, this would have happened in Japan. No sir. Japan would have been all over this shit like rice on Asians. They’ve been training their whole lives for a moment like this:

That woman would have jumped in the croc farm and the zoo keepers would have been like Costanza with the Frogger machine. “Wait a minute. This looks familiar. This reminds me of something. I can do this. I’ve been preparing for this moment my entire life.”

By KFC posted September 17th, 2014 at 3:10 PM

MailTime: Apple Picking Vs. Child Abuse, Who Ya Got?

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The world is full of phony people. Whether we’re talking about NFL sponsors or people who claim to like apple picking, you’re getting called out today. Over the last month or so every major news story has brought it to the forefront and I just couldn’t sit by and bite my tongue anymore. So we rant and rave about all the hypocrites and fake outrage. We talked about the “Squatty Potty.” Naming your kids “Maverick,” and the last half hour we take more live calls. This time with a (mostly) fully functional switchboard system so we were able to take multiple calls and keep people on hold.

Now that we’re capable of handling live calls its just one step closer to doing live shows and multiple (if not daily) shows each week. Long way to go before that, and there’s only so many hours in a day with writing the blog and doing rundowns and what not. But the audio/radio version of Barstool I’ve envisioned from the beginning is finally starting to come to fruition. MailTime In The Midday not far off.

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