GTA Best Of The Best, Season 4 Week 7 Voting Now Open!

Champion Morgan Hultgren

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Challenger Eriana Bianco

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We got ourselves a fight! Last week was Morgan’s closest challenge yet. (939 votes, average: 4.54 out of 10). Eriana has a body that can fuck with anybody on the planet. Does she have an ass that can dethrone Morgan Hultgren? That remains to be seen. Lets find out

Vote 1 for Champ Morgan, Vote 10 for challenger Eriana

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By KFC posted December 24th, 2014 at 12:50 PM

KFC Radio – Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals

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Its a special early week edition of KFC Radio to get you your fix of dudes talking about weird shit before Santa comes down the chimney. Spags filled in for Big Cat and we talked about being a giraffe, a girl who fucked a Stoolie because he looked like a giraffe, a Stoolie who has to do the single weirdest Christmas tradition you’ve ever heard with his girlfriend, having sex with the mom from Home Alone, and a lot more wacky shit. A+ performance from you boy Feitelberg. Kid just brought the heat this episode. You’ve probably only got an hour or so left at work, spend it with us.

And just a reminder about the 100th episode live recording at Saloon on January 10th.

What: KFC Radio 100th Episode Live Show

When: Saturday, January 10th 2pm

Where: Saloon. 84th and York

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By KFC posted December 24th, 2014 at 12:00 PM

Serialously Episode 4: The Final Feitelberg vs. BC Fight

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.38.35 PM

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One last time, for the folks going through Serial withdrawal. We discuss how much of a fucking loser Don is, how fucked up the lawyers in this case were, the funniest Serial spoofs, and Feitelberg and BC yell at each other a bunch for the final time. Feitelberg cites his “gut” 25,000 times and BC brings up all sorts of made up evidence he found while researching this case like he was Sarah fucking Koenig. Its Serialously, the finale.

By KFC posted December 24th, 2014 at 11:10 AM

Its A Draftkings NBA Christmas Miracle! $200,000 Up For Grabs, $25,000 For First Place



LOL at the Knicks being included here


Its almost Christmas day. Which means a full slate of the NBA’s best matchups and apparently the Knicks and Lakers too. Spice up that piece of shit 12pm game and that Lakers night cap at 8pm with some Draftkings. 25 grand in your stocking will maybe make watching Carmelo and the Knicks bearable. Maybe. Probably not.

Contest Details:
-$200,000 Christmas Day Classic
-$25,000 first place prize, top 2,300 places win cash
-Draft a team of 8 players from the 5 NBA games being played on Christmas Day and win a share of $200,000
-Just $20 to enter and you could go home with the $25,000 1st place prize


By KFC posted December 24th, 2014 at 10:20 AM

Jets Not Interested In Harbaugh Because Woody Johnson Wasnt Impressed With Him When They Interviewed Him Last Time Around

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 9.18.45 AM


Hilarious. Downright laughable even. Like it actually makes me laugh that this is how the Jets are gonna spin this one. THEY dont want HIM. Right. Reminds me of when Woody Johnson said that the Jets “passed on” Peyton Manning because he wasn’t the “right fit.” Yea, I’m sure thats how it went down. What a fucking asshole this franchise is.

It was a longshot, anyway. Michigan offered him a boatload of money. Oakland is like 25 feet away from San Fran. The Bears are a more prestigious landing spot than the Jets if options A and B ever fell through. So its not like he wanted to come here and Woody is passing. But it just cracks me up when I hear this shit from Woody Johnson and the Jets. So delusional and always just trying to spin things to make the Jets sound like a powerhouse franchise. LO fucking L, Woody Johnson.

PS – If they dont fire Idzik along with Rex now they’re assholes. Bringing in Charlie Casserly to “consult” on who should stay and who should go should mean everyone is gone. He’s already reached out to former Packers GM Ron Wolf about joining the Jets, which now makes things awkward as fuck. What if Woody decides to retain him and now there’s some consultant on board who was basically brought in to explore other options? Just a bizarre move to make unless you have every intention of firing him. Either Idzik gets a full, true, real shot at running this team – meaning he gets to hire his own head coach and completely run this team. Or, you scrap him and start fresh. But if you retain him while hiring guys who arent his choice, it just undermines him once again. A stupid half measure. Just fire him at this point


By KFC posted December 24th, 2014 at 9:32 AM

In A Knicks Season Full Of Lowpoints, Shump Killing His Flat Top May Be The Lowest Of Them All




Shump’s never-ending flat top was one of the few remaining reasons to watch the Knicks that didn’t include rooting against them to get a better lottery pick.  Any time you can go from a fan-favorite haircut to one shared by people named Bunz, Coolio, and Crazy Eyes, I guess you have to do it.  But on the bright side, at least Shumpert doesn’t wear stupid hats like an asshole.



Oh yeah, that’s right.  Fuck.  Getting the #1 pick in the lottery, signing Marc Gasol, and winning the 2015-16 championship cannot come soon enough.

By theclemreport posted December 23rd, 2014 at 6:32 PM

Barstool NYC Smokeshow Of The Day – Alexandra

introducing alexandra from hosfstra, maybe im biased, but im a sucker for a leggy blonde.

want to be/nominate a smokeshow? email me at or tag me in instagrams @tbonebarstool




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By t bone posted December 23rd, 2014 at 5:30 PM

Red Hot Rangers Rounding Into Form Under The Radar


With all the Islanders hype going on, it might be easy to miss – but the reigning Eastern Conference champs are the hottest NY team right now. They’ve won 6 in a row & are 11-4-2 over their past 17. Take the kryptonite Lightning out of that stretch and they’re 11-1-2 with 6 shutouts & just 18 goals against. Yeah, I know the games against Tampa Bay count just as much as the others so take those numbers however you want – the Rangers are still flying. Anchored by one of the league’s best goaltending tandems, the Blueshirts are back to the kind of hockey that took them to the Final last year. Hank hasn’t been beaten outside of a shootout by anyone besides those pesky Bolts since November 9th. Cam Talbot, who the Rangers just re-upped for 2015 before he inevitably becomes a #1 somewhere else, has pitched in with 3 goose eggs in his last 4 starts. Sitting in the last wild card spot with at least 2 games in hand on every team ahead of them, the Blueshirts are in a great spot as they host Ovi’s Caps tonight.

Their success only starts in the crease though. Captain McDonagh is back to Norris form while chipping in 2 & 5 since coming back from a separated shoulder. Matt Hunwick’s been a pleasant surprise supplanting John Moore as the 6th d-man – not spectacular, but solid & mistake free with just one minus game in his last 17. And Kevin Klein is the gift that keeps on giving. When the Blueshirts unloaded MDZ, it didn’t matter who they got back. The fact they managed to acquire their MVP this season (outside of Rick Nash) is larceny. He’s made the loss of Stralman an afterthought now playing opposite Marc Staal. Klein’s not only been a defensive force but has found the back of the net 7 times already, including a team-leading 3 game-winners. Can’t possibly ask for anything more.

Rick Nash continues to be a beast & deserves to be mentioned in early Hart trophy convos as he’s carried the Rangers offensively. He’s is skating with purpose, using his body and making things happen every single game. Only Seguin has buried more than Nash who’s still on pace for 50 – but his work on both sides of the rink could make this his best season as a pro. Also, Zucc’s finally coming to life with 6 points in 6 games & the patience this organization has had with JT Miller seems to be paying off. As a whole, the PK has dominated (19 of 21 killed this month) and the power play – well, I’m done holding my breath for any prolonged success there. As one of the top 5×5 scoring teams in the East, it’s not nearly as crippling as last year.

The Caps are coming in hot themselves. Holtby has anchored a 7-1-2 December run & they boast the top power play unit in the East. If history is any indicator though, the Rangers are to Washington as Tampa Bay has been to them. Holtby struggles in MSG and Ovechkin is usually a non-factor against NY. Something’s gotta give between these two streaking neighbors in the standings, but regardless of tonight the Blueshirts are proving they’re capable of making a serious Cup run for the 3rd time in 4 post seasons.

By 610 posted December 23rd, 2014 at 5:00 PM
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