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By t bone posted March 3rd, 2015 at 5:30 PM

Dillon Gee / Jurickson Profar Rumors Make No Sense But They’re Out There

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 4.35.26 PM

Metsblog – The Rangers are reportedly interested in trading for Dillon Gee, who could get moved before the end of Spring Training, people in baseball told reporter Chris Cotillo (MLB Daily Dish, March 2). According to Cotillo, one possible scenario involves the Mets trading Gee and other players to the Rangers for SS Jurickson Profar, who recently underwent surgery on his right shoulder. Profar is expected to miss all of 2015. He missed all of 2014 after initially injuring his shoulder. The Mets and Rangers reportedly discussed Profar, along with Gee, Noah Syndergaard and Jon Niese during the Winter Meetings, as Texas had been looking to acquire a young, controllable starting pitcher. It was later reported that the Mets had just limited interest Profar, and even less interest in SS Elvis Andrus, as the Rangers were simultaneously asking for Zack Wheeler or Jacob deGrom (MetsBlog, Dec. 2014). At the moment, Gee is ticketed for the bullpen, though he’s still preparing to be a starting pitcher (MetsBlog, Feb. 24).

I havent seen anything that substantiate the idea for a Gee for Profar swap. I think the Rangers and Mets have been linked and as such every combo of players and prospects has been floated. Last night the internet was buzzing with this idea of Gee and some prospects for Profar. This has gotta be the most non sensical trade rumor I’ve heard in some time, but if there’s any legitimacy to them, I will pack Dillon Gee’s bags for him, pick him up in the Fiat, and drive him to Texas with the Pitch Perfect soundtrack playing the whole time. I will hand deliver him to the Rangers for Jurickson Profar and anyone who wouldnt is crazy. I couldnt believe the amount of Mets fans who were against this idea. Yes, I know Profar missed 2014 and is slated to miss 2015. Yes, I know his shoulder is a huge liability. I still wouldnt hesitate for even one millisecond. Dillion Gee is the definition of replaceable. Quite literally. A Metsblog commenter posted the FanGraphs breakdown out of all pitchers who have thrown 500+ innings in the time Gee has been a starter, he ranks 86th out of 90 in terms of WAR. Hes completely expendable. And especially with this team. Dillion Gee is like our 8th starter. He doesnt fit anywhere in the rotation. He’s a back end guy thats gonna end up in the pen anyway.

Jurickson Profar on the other hand as the #1 prospect in all of baseball just 2 years ago. If he could ever stay healthy, he could potentially be the answer the Mets are looking for at SS. If Profar needed to have his arm amputated I’d probably still swap Gee for him. And I’m not even trying to pile on Gee here, he’s a fine 4th or 5th starter. But we’re talking about the consensus best shortstop prospect from just 2013. Only 22 years old. Chances of him staying healthy and every reaching that 2013 projected potential are slim to none, but its still a risk you take as a Mets fan. We know the Wilpons arent opening their wallets for a stud shortstop. We know they arent parting with any of the major pitching prospects for established talent in the infield. So this is how the Mets have to operate. Taking a high risk/high reward on a guy who was highly touted but bit by the injury bug and hoping he heals and performs. And again, its not even high risk because its Dillon fucking Gee in exchange. Its a low risk high reward move. AKA a no brainer.

By KFC posted March 3rd, 2015 at 4:40 PM

MailTime MailBox Tonight…Submit Your Stories Now



First Mailtime of the month so you know what that means…we dive back into the Mailbox for some weird ass Stoolie stories. We’re recording in a couple hours so get your submissions in now. Open season on whatever you want. Just submit your questions, story, joke, whatever with a name and we’ll read out the best ones tonight.

By KFC posted March 3rd, 2015 at 4:00 PM

Bartolo Colon’s Goal Is To Get 3 Hits This Season


The Score- New York Mets right-hander Bartolo Colon has never been heralded for his offensive prowess, but remains a pleasure to watch at the plate for his unorthodox hacks. A veteran of 17 seasons, Colon managed a career-high 62 at-bats last season, and despite recording just two hits, the 41-year-old is past the point in his career where he’s going to try and work on his swing. “Bartolo’s got some work to do,” Mets hitting coach Kevin Long sarcastically told Mike Vorkunov of “He’s not too vested in putting that much time into getting his swing where it needs to be. He said he had two hits last year. I said how about four hits this year? He said how about three. That’s where we’re at with Bartolo.”


The most important thing about goals is to set realistic ones.  You don’t just say that you are going to get into the best shape of your life or that you are going to give your girl an orgasm every time out.  You have to start small.  Maybe try to avoid getting winded when you walk up 2 flights of stairs.  Or try to make it past foreplay before you have to take a timeout because things are moving too fast in the bedroom.

I wish I could bet the Over on Bartolo’s 3 hits.  Sure it would be the opposite of “money well spent”.  But every 5 days you would either be 1 step closer to winning a bet or get to enjoy 2-4 hilarious Bartolo at-bats.  Bartolo at the plate is the most exciting thing about baseball season approaching (other than the warm weather and the Mets setting the modern day record for lowest-ERA by a pitching staff).

And of course, no Bartolo blog would be complete without the highlight of the 2014 baseball season (especially the bullpen’s reaction).



By theclemreport posted March 3rd, 2015 at 3:20 PM

Jimmy Fallon Did A “History Of Duets” Montage With Kelly Clarkson (Or At Least An Enormous Chick Posing As Kelly Clarkson)


Jimmy Fallon was back at it last night, creating another viral sensation, this time with Kelly Clarkson.  Or at least a swollen, bloated version Kelly Clarkson.  I mean Clarkson went from the cute girl from American Idol to Buzz’s girlfriend in 10 years.  WOOF.



As for the video, Fallon did it again.  Going from a utility player on SNL that always laughed during skits to the host of the Tonight Show is just a crazy, meteoric rise up the ranks.  However, this old interview with ESPN makes him a complete fraud to any true sports fan and I will always kind of hate him because of it.



P.S.  That Fallon video brought me right back to watching TV at 3 AM and seeing those Power of Love Time Life CD commercials.  I saw this one a few months ago and would have bought it if I couldn’t just as easily download all the songs I wanted in like 5 minutes.  That being said, the couple in this commercial definitely banged before, during, and after the shoot, right?  Their middle-age fuck buddy chemistry is off the charts.

By theclemreport posted March 3rd, 2015 at 2:30 PM

The Yankees Opened Spring Against A Pitching Machine And It Wasn’t Pretty


TAMPAAlex Rodriguez must be excited to get a look at live big-league pitching this week. After all, the results can’t be worse than they were Monday against a pitching machine. A-Rod and the Yankees took part in a six-inning intrasquad game Monday afternoon, the first “game” action for Joe Girardi’s team this spring. Facing a 90 mph pitching machine known as “Iron Mike,” A-Rod went 0-for-2, grounding out to third base on the second pitch he saw, then lofting the first pitch of his next at-bat to right field for a routine fly out. He was hardly the only player flummoxed by “Iron Mike,” as Mark Teixeira, Didi Gregorius, Brian McCann, Jacoby Ellsbury, Stephen Drew and Garrett Jones combined to go 0-for-10. Chris Young had a single in the scrimmage, though he was also the lone hitter to strike out against the machine.

I was going to say this is a non story, I want to say that this is just the media looking to blow up A-Rod more than they already have, because thats what this is, but no one else hit either. Of all the people listed here, A-Rod is the only guy who has an excuse to go 0-2 after sitting out a year, while the rest of the guys had a full season and regular off-season without every move they make being analyzed.

Chris Young on the other hand has to feel pretty down on himself today. I know that these are Major League players and I couldn’t do what they do on a daily basis, but having not played baseball in forever, I could not strike out in 2 at bats against a pitching machine throwing fastballs. The funny thing is that his Kangaroo Court fine is going to be more than any of us make in a paycheck and it won’t effect him at all.

Either way this could be a very long season so come out early in the year to our tailgate during the Subway Series in The Bronx on 4/25. It’s going to be a great time and tickets are going fast.


By jj posted March 3rd, 2015 at 1:40 PM

Guess That Ass

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.28.40 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.24.25 AM

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By KFC posted March 3rd, 2015 at 12:50 PM

Mailtime/KFC Radio Is Up For 3 Awards At The 2015 Podcast Awards

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.04.59 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.05.25 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 9.05.34 AM


Well would you look at that? The nominations are in and Mailtime is up for 3 trophies at the 2015 Podcast Awards. Best Comedy, People’s Choice, and Best Video because there was clearly some sort of mixup with KFC Radio and Mailtime. Looks like the Podcast Awards are a little bit bootleg but I wanna take home the hardware anyway. Going up against guys like Adam Carolla and Marc Maron and Norm MacDonald and going toe to toe with a show as big as Serial is a pretty big deal in my book. Pretty awesome to even be in the same category as names like that considering this is just something that started as a side gig for fun and a little bit of cash in the beginning.

So, now its up to voting. I believe, at least. Reading over the rules it seems like there’s some sort of board or committee that oversees the winners but between now and March 24th you can vote for us to win. Head over to, select “Barstool Sports Mailtime” under Comedy, People’s Choice, and Best Video, and scroll to the bottom and leave your name/email and press submit. You can vote once every 24 hours. Obviously voting for Mailtime under Best Video is actually voting for KFC Radio, so if you’re a fan of either show, get to voting. I hope all our diehard listeners will be maniacs and will throw us a vote once a day from now till the 24th but I hope that all you guys would give us a vote at least once. Would love to kinda make a mockery of this whole thing and have the Stoolies take it over. ESPECIALLY in the People’s Choice category. If I find out that loser Matthew Berry from ESPNs Fantasy Football Focus and his dork listeners out voted us I’m gonna be very upset with all of Stoolie Nation.

So like I said if you’re a fan of either show or just want to see Barstool continue to succeed, vote for us in all three categories once a day, every day from now until March 24th.

By KFC posted March 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 PM
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