Odell Beckham Jr. Leads The Way In A Giant Win Over The Rams

Easily the best part of the roasting Beckham gave the secondary above is that it came on the very next play after the Rams tried to target him with a full-body missile-launch and instead murdered their own guy. The now shoe-in for Rookie of the Year bought up every ounce of real estate in the heads of St Louis early, and it all came to a head in the last minutes of the first half when a late hit on #13 triggered as big a brawl as you’ll see on a football field. No surprise a defense led by Gregg Williams looked to take shots at the phenom regardless of where or how.

It was all for nothing though. Beckham piled on with 8/148/2 while Eli completed almost 80% of his passes for 391/3 & Andre Williams pounded out a hard buck ten. The offense was methodical all day against a defense that hadn’t surrendered a touchdown in 3 games. It was an impressive performance all around and, even though they’re really fucking up their 2015 draft, it was a great game to watch. It’s amazing the lightning rod Beckham has become. Not only has he reeled in 31 of 42 targets for 421 & 6 in his last three games, he is single-handedly making defenses see red. He did it last weekend against the Skins and now today. Doesn’t even matter if I’m a Giants fan or not – this run he’s on since taking the field is truly some out of this world stuff.

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Barstool NYPD Shirts Now On Sale – All Proceeds Go To The Families Of The Fallen Officers



The last time we did a fundraiser like this, we raised $68,000 for the families of the Boston firefighters who died in the Back Bay fire. We should be able to at least match that again for the Liu and Ramos families. A real simple, easy t shirt and all proceeds go to them. This is when Stoolies shine the brightest. This is when we put our money where our mouth is and back up our reputation as the best fan base on the internet.

This is just a fundraiser for the children and families of two guys who were murdered in cold blood. This is to help support these families that need to go on without their husbands and fathers. Lets not make this political and lets not argue about protesters. Its Christmas and we’re just gonna help these two families get through this tragedy because thats what we do.

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Odell Beckham Jr. Continues His ROY Campaign Against The Rams

At this stage of the season wins & losses are less important than the development of the Giants’ future, and there’s no bigger piece than Odell Beckham, Jr. Arguably the league’s most exciting player over the past month or so, Beckham’s got two more games to solidify his lead in the Offensive Rookie of the Year race – expect McAdoo & Eli to key in on their biggest weapon to get him there. Comparing him to a pair of other WRs in the mix shows ODB is the cream of the crop. Although his stat totals are similar to Mike Evans & Kelvin Benjamin, you gotta take the per-game averages to see the difference.

Not only is Beckham racking up 2+ catches and around 25 yards more each week he’s on the field compared to the others in his rookie class, his 7/97 averages put him comfortably in the top 5 in all of football. And no one’s shown better hands – he’s hauled in the highest percentage of throws his way out of all pass catchers with 95+ targets. If ODB finishes the season at this pace, the voting shouldn’t even be close. Those who want to throw LSU teammate Jeremy Hill into the mix have a bit of an argument. Since he took the reigns in Cincy Week 9, Hill has produced at an elite level – 97 YPG, well over 5 YPC & 5 scores in 7 games. Beckham’s just done it longer.

As for the rest of Big Blue, there’s other youngsters that have been making their mark. Johnathan Hankins & Devon Kennard have been lights out lately. JPP’s looking to have an impact on the Giants’ future as well. The FA-to-be has 7 sacks & a pair of forced fumbles in the last three games. Whether or not that’ll mask stretches of disappearing over the past couple seasons remains to be seen – but these guys and the rest of the G-Men defense will need to keep up with one of the hottest young units in the NFL today.

The Rams D is peaking – no one’s seen the end zone against them in 3 games. No team blitzes more, and they’ve averaged almost 4 sacks/game over the past 2 months or so. At home they’ve been dominant. In the last 4 contests under their roof they’ve beaten Seattle, held Denver to a single score, embarrassed Oakland 52-0 and gave up just 4 FG in a loss to Arizona. The Giants worrisome offensive line will have their hands full with Robert Quinn & Aaron Donald (drafted right after Beckham) who have paired up for 17.5 sacks in the past 9 games. They have studs all over the field in Laurinaitis, Ogletree & TJ McDonald who will be looking for some “Back Foot Eli” to replicate his 5 INT performance in San Fran last month. It’ll be all up to the Big Blue pass protection to make sure that doesn’t happen & allow #10 to hit #13 all day long.

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Yankees Offer To Pay For The Education Of Jaden Ramos

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 2.23.03 PM

NYDNYankee owner George Steinbrenner died in 2010, but his appreciation for the men in blue who protect New York City lives on. For 32 years, Steinbrenner’s Yankee Silver Shield Foundation has provided for the education of the children of New York City police officers, firemen and Port Authority employees who died in the line of duty, and will do so for the family of NYPD officer Rafael Ramos, gunned down by a cold-blooded killer Saturday along with his partner, Wenjian Liu. The foundation will pay for the education of Ramos’ son, 13-year-old Jaden, and another son who is in college.

A thoughtful, generous, classy gesture from the Bronx Bombers here. Nothing will bring back Officer Ramos and no donations or gifts can ease the pain, but the Ramos family needs all the help they can get right now and the Yankees stepped up to the plate big time.

We’re working on t shirts right now. All proceeds will go to the Liu and Ramos families as well.

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Protesters In St. Louis Shout “Pigs In A Blanket” After The NYPD Double Murder

This is the guy leading the chants:

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 1.47.48 PM

I dont want to exaggerate here, and like I said in my last post I dont want to generalize, but this dude and the people chanting with him and the people agreeing with him on Twitter are just as bad as the gunman who murdered Officers Liu and Ramos. This sort of hate and celebration of the murder is what inspires people to continue to commit such acts. Its why these assholes feel like heroes and get off when they do it. Its honestly exactly like terrorists who die for their cause. They do it for the martyrdom glory. Standing their with that bullhorn and praising these guys is just as bad as pulling the trigger.

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Jets vs. Pats, One Last Time For Rex

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.52.30 PM

One last time for Rex hosting Belichick at the Meadowlands. Its been a fun ride with the Pats dating back to 2009. Obviously for the most part the Pats haven gotten the best of us. There was a couple Rex got to spit right in Belichick’s eye. Some ups – beating the Pats in the playoffs. Some downs – Buttfumble games and Monday Night Football blowouts. The Revis drama and Tebow drama made for some great fodder. Obviously I wish it all resulted in more wins for the Jets, but from the day Rex arrived and said he wasn’t here to kiss the rings, it was always interesting and always fun.

I should want the Jets to lose for draft pick purposes, but they already shot themselves in the foot beating Tennessee last week. Might as well go all out and root for Big Rex against Brady and company one last time. I’d love to tell you that the players will go all out in Rex’s home finale and give the Pats a game, but I wouldnt be surprised if its another New England massacre. But ither way, like I said, it will be interesting. It always is with Rex Ryan.

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Nick Mangold Rocking An NYPD Hat As He Arrives For Today’s Game

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 11.22.27 AM


Thats my man right there. Classy move from a classy dude.

The execution style murders of Officers Liu and Ramos yesterday afternoon was the most heartbreaking news I’ve heard in a long time. Liu had just gotten married in October, and Ramos was a father to 2 boys. They were working overtime participating in an anti-terrorism drill, helping to protect this city when they were killed by some scumbag coward who viewed himself as some sort of vigilante hero exacting “revenge” for Eric Garner. He bragged about it on his instagram before committing the murders, posting pictures and captions that I wont post here because I wouldnt want to give him or any of his sympathizers the satisfaction. It was some of the most warped, backwards logic I’ve ever heard. Its honestly no different than the terrorism this city has seen in the past. Its fanaticism and extremism to a T. It was an act of violence carried out with a deranged sense of martyrdom and heroism in order to make a statement. Absolutely no different than the mass murderers who flew planes into buildings 14 years ago. A much lesser scale, of course, but the same sort of reasoning and rationale behind it.

Its a touchy subject, given the unfortunate events that transpired in Ferguson with Michael Brown and here in NYC with Eric Garner. There’s a lot of tension. There shouldnt be – EVERYONE should be mourning the death of these 2 innocent men. Unfortunately, as hard as it is to believe, there are people who actually celebrated this murder. There are people who took such a hard stance against police after Ferguson and Eric Garner’s death that this double homicide is almost like a point of contention for them. There are people who view these 2 deaths as nothing more than collateral damage that police have brought upon themselves because of recent unfortunate incidents. Well I’m here to say FUCK those people. If there’s even one single ounce of you that feels anything other than deep sadness for these two men and their families, you’re heartless. No matter what your stance is on the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, this was 2 men that had absolutely nothing to do with that. This is more senseless violence that only perpetuates a very dangerous, very violent cycle.

Now of course the people who support this cop killer are nutbags. Its a very small number of people and they are the worst of the worst. They are a loud, vocal minority. I dont wanna generalize the people who have spoken out against police in the past, because generalizing is what got us here in the first place. The bottom line is that there is a VERY small percentage of police officers who are corrupt killers. The same way there is a VERY small number of protesters who agree with this retaliation. There are arguments to be made on both sides. Are there times when the police have used excessive, unnecessary force? Of course. But then you see people like this murderer and protestors like this:

Screen Shot 2014-12-21 at 12.00.34 PM


and you realize it goes both ways. Things are not always black and white for law enforcement. It doesn’t excuse any cop from abiding by a “shoot first and ask questions later” mentality, but all I’m saying is you and I have the luxury of waking up every morning not having to worry that there are people out there who want us dead simply because of our profession. 99% of police are incredible, selfless men and women who put their life on the line for the rest of us. They protect this city and are the very reason the streets are safe enough that the anti-establishment hipsters can have their protests. If you cant respect that, I dont know whats wrong with you. I hope you find yourself in a dark alley one night in need of the police and there’s nobody to be found. I have the ability to look past the handful of corrupt cops in order to respect and appreciate the massive amount of respectable officers who are noble enough to protect me. I have the ability to separate the events with Michael Brown and Eric Garner from this terrorist-like execution of Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. No matter what your views on politics or law enforcement, you should too. Its not like you have to pick sides. Its not like you can only mourn the death of Brown and Garner or Liu and Ramos. Have the common sense and decency to recognize that these deaths – all of them – are tragedies and not just more ammo and material for your next argument on social media.

And rest in peace to Officers Liu and Ramos and all the love and support to their families. Nobody should have to get the phone call a week before Christmas that their husband or father has been taken from them.

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SNL’s Serial Skit Was Absolutely Perfect

It takes a minute or so to get going, but it ends up so perfectly spot on. Sarah Koenig investigating the existence of Santa Claus is such a fitting parody. Just perfectly exemplifies the wild goose chase she went on. She nails the Koenig cadence and Santa doing Adnan was laugh out loud funny. “I understand that…I get that. But for me, what it comes down to, is like…

Christmas magic.”


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