Click Here To Listen To The Greatest Interview Of All Time

This is hands down the greatest interview in the history of sports radio. Dennis Rodman is absolutely, 200% getting blown while trying to yap about Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Just growling and laughing and screaming “life is awesome! life is awesome!” with some chick servicing him while providing quite possibly the worst answers imaginable. The most ridiculous part of this whole fiasco is that Dennis was the one who called them. Like this wasn’t something Dennis had to do or previously agreed to. Out of the blew (get it?) called some radio show while he had some hooker in his bed and immediately realized getting blown is infinitely better than chit chatting about “The Big 3.” And if there is any doubt as to what this chick is actually doing I’m pretty sure when Dennis says “she’s just suckin something” we can put an end to that mystery.

And how spot on is this radio host when he says “this is exactly what I expected this to be.” If Dennis Rodman called my radio show and was providing eloquent and thought provoking responses and I didn’t hear some chick moaning, I’d be like “Wait a minute Dennis. Are you not getting your dick sucked right now? Is everything OK?”

PS – “I’m So In The Mix Right Now” is my new catch phrase.