Introducing Danielle from Southern Connecticut. Connecticut smokes are so tricky, right? I never know if I should post them. Are they New York? Are the Boston? I’m sure people never know whether they should nominate them. Send it to Pres or KFC? What about chicks from Jersey? Or chicks from Philly but they spend summers in NY? What if I told you that you never had to worry about where a smokeshow was from ever again? Because thats the kinda shit thats gonna go down on Barstool U when it launches on monday. You can nominate smokes from anywhere in the goddam country. Its gonna be everything the college Stoolies could ask for – constant smokeshows, constant music, and a new feature called Smokesmash that makes Marry Fuck Kill look like childs play. So if you know any girls as sexy and cute as Danielle, no matter where she’s from, nominate her by emailing [email protected]. Monday, January 18th. Martin Luther King had a dream. I’m pretty sure it was Barstool U.