Introducing Kristy from NY, NY. Looks like Kristy here is really into taking all sorts of artsy pictures for facebook. Well Kristy, I won’t string you. The extent of my artistic knowledge stops right about when I used to wear one of my Dad’s work shirts inside out as a smock in like 1st grade. But I do watch repeats of Bob Ross painting happy little trees all the time, so maybe we can still get down? Lemme know. Call me.

I went on a friend request rampage last night and Zuckerberg is fucking pissed at me. But I’m not gonna let that stop me. Send more nominations to [email protected] and lets stick it to that son of a bitch

Oh yeah and I’ll be up at Rathbones for 35 cent wings night, all smokeshows are welcome to join, up to 5 wings are on me!