Introducing Erin from South Jersey. So yesterday Pres posts some absolute smokeshow wearing Celtics gear and whats the first thing he does? Starts talking about KFC. Weird right? We call it Smokeshow Envy in the smut game.  Its like he knows New York has blown him out of the water and he’s gotta capitalize on the fact that he had a dime piece on his hands. Talkin about KFC gettin knocked the fuck out! You kidding me? I got smokes for days! You want sexy chicks in New York gear? I give you Erin. Just absolutely demolishing Giants, Rangers and Yankees gear. I told her I was kinda upset no Mets/Jets gear but beggars can’t be choosers. Smokeshows are always front runners.

Either way, if you’re a New York fan or a Boston fan, The Stool is absolutely crushing it to start the week.