Introducing Kacie from New Brunswick, NJ. Alright, I’ll shoot you straight. I’m breaking all the smokeshow rules today for Kacie. She’s really more of a PA girl than NJ. But she promised me she was born in New Jersey and thats all I needed to hear. I’ll be honest when you’re as hot as Kacie is I will find a way, ANY way, to post you as the Barstool NYC Local Smoke. I don’t care if the only time you went to New York was a school trip to the Statue of Liberty. Basically when you’re as gorgeous as Kacie if you can point out New York on a map I’m going to post you. And I’m also including modeling pictures because they are too hot to leave out. So, yes, I’m breaking about the only 2 rules of the Smokeshow Game. Just one of the perks of running this whole circus.

So Kacie takes us into Memorial Day Weekend and kicks off the summer in tremendously sexy fashion. Kacie, scale of 1-10 what are the chances you and I get married?

I hope nobody is going to work tomorrow and everyone has plans to crush it this long weekend. Every smoke that you meet at the beach this weekend needs to be referred to me immediately. Send the first and last names and a facebook profile link of all the smokes you meet over Memorial Day to[email protected]