The Ram - Health department inspectors cited health violations at four of Fordham’s Sodexo dining facilities during a March 21 examination. The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene discovered health code infractions at the Student Deli, Millennium Grille, Ramskeller and Marketplace. The inspections unearthed evidence of mice, roaches and improper storage of food, shortcomings that placed Fordham eateries in the lowest grade bracket. The Department of Health utilizes a grading system based on points earned by each infraction, where each violation amasses more points and lowers an establishment’s grade.  Restaurants scoring between 0-13 are awarded an A, while a restaurant earning between 14-27 points is classified as a B. If an establishment receives marks exceeding 27, the restaurant is given a C. With final grades still pending, the Student Deli received a score of 53, the Millennium Grille a 47 and the Ramskeller a 30, with the Health Department classifying any score above 28 as unsatisfactory. The health inspector cited critical violations in the Student Deli, including “evidence of mice or live mice present in facility’s food and/or non-food areas.” According to Brian Poteat, general manager of Food Services, the inspector discovered mouse “excretra or droppings in his report.” The inspection also uncovered that the Deli was neither vermin-proof nor was food properly stored to protect against contamination. The inspector also discovered the presence of live roaches on the premises, which earned the Deli another critical violation. The Millennium Grille was also cited for evidence of mice, along with critical violations for not storing hot food items above 140 degrees Fahrenheit and cold food items below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the minimum required temperatures for these items. “The city violations recognized that foods ([hot sausage] and sliced cheddar cheese and sliced tomatoes-cold) were not out of temperature for more than two hours,” Poteat stated. ”I went to the Grille and got a salad,” Michelle FlorCruz, FCRH ’12, said. “I found a full grasshopper the size of my thumb in the middle of it.” Katie Finnegan, FCRH ’13, recalls watching her friend Michael Cattermole, FCRH ’13, discover a plastic nail in a hamburger from the caf when opening the burger to add condiments. One Ram staffer uncovered a blue push pin in a chocolate chip muffin. In contrast to Fordham’s on-campus locations, the White Castle on Fordham Road received zero violation points in its 2010 inspection.

You know how I always exagerrate numbers and shit? Like I’ll say on a scale of 1-10 this chick is a 50? Well on a scale of 1-27 with 27 generally being worst sanitary conditions allowable, Fordham got a fuckin 53! A 27 is probably like “the servers didn’t wash their hands.” A 40 is probably like “there’s a mouse on the premises.” And a fifty fucking three must be like “the actual mice serve you the food. And they didn’t wash their hands either.” But it doesn’t surprise me one bit. During my 4 years at FU Sodexo was the bain of my existence. I mean to this day if you just mention the word “Sodexo” to me I’ll shit myself. Seriously I shit myself 4 times already just writing this blog. It was common knowledge that Sodexho Dining catered for prisons and shit along with Fordham University. Which is ironic because that means all the students inside the campus gates and all the people who live outside the campus gates eat from the same caterer. See what I did there? Because all the locals go to jail?

But you know its a serious red flag when motherfucking WHITE CASTLE passed this shit with flying colors. I’ve legitimately almost lost my life in the White Castle on Fordham Road. There is no doubt in my mind that at one point or another White Castle has had the unfortunately responsibility of dealing with a human cadaver on their premises. And even they cleaned their shit up and maintained sanitary eating conditions. That is a serious black eye for Fordham. Thats worse than their sports program or the administration always trying to shut down all the fun. I mean they talk about trying to live up to other Jesuit schools like Georgetown or Boston College and they can’t live up to the fucking WHITE CASTLE across the street.

Hey Queens Court – you guys still think you’re better than everyone and that all the underlings will “work for you one day?” Guess what suckers? You’re all eating grasshoppers and fingernails and thumbtacks! Whether you’re South or North or Queens or smart or dumb or drunk or sober, everyone is eating insects and pieces of humans and sharps! FU, FU FU FUUUUU!

Whatever. Let schools like NYU and Columbia sit atop their ivory towers with their fancy health standards. Grasshoppers in your cheeseburger builds character.

UPDATE: Comments are now open. I dunno why they were shut off in the first place.