Out with the old:

In with the new:

Well that didn’t take long. In the same off season that NESN boots Heidi Watney to the curb and brings in Jenny Dell, the Yankees respond and bring in their own smokeshow sideline reporter to respond. Just your typcial Arms Race in the AL East. Yankees sign a big arm, the Sox all the sudden are looking for an ace of their own. Red Sox stock pile some big bats, the Yankees land a big bopper in the off season. Sox overspend on a mediocre Asian pitcher, less than a month later the Yankees land their own Japanese bust. Its a constant struggle to stay on top of the AL East and the television net works are no different.

NESN thinks they can put Heidi Watney out to pasture and bring in a new, young smokebomb without the YES Network responding? Yea fuckin right. Its been a great 7 years speculating whether Kim Jones fucked all of the Yankees Clubhouse or just 95%, but its time to move on. Boston just reloaded with a smoke brunette with huge tits. Only natural move for the Yankees is to respond with a sexy blond. Its going to be a serious battle for AL East Clubhouse Reporter Supremacy. So on behalf of all New York Baseball fans, I’d like to personally welcome Meredith Marakovits to NYC. Meredith – your time here will be filled with taking pies in the face and Derek Jeter soaking you in more ways than one. Have fun.