We’ve seen a lot of notes left on bills and receipts over the past year or so on Barstool New York. Its kind of like the new thing that the internet falls in love with. There was the dude who left a zero dollar tip and told the bartender she could lose a few pounds.  There was the Papa Johns take out cashier who called the customer Lady Chinky Eyes.  There was even the cashier who gave the Best Butt discount on the receipt. 

But a TGI Fridays chick explaining how she could sit right on a customers face and her pussy would fit right over his mouth…well that takes the cake. Theres just something about chicks talking about sitting on faces, right? Its just so cocky. You’re waiting for the bill trying to do the 20% tip in your head the whole time and then you get it and BAM you realize your waitress doesn’t want a tip. The only gratuity she wants is her ass and punani smothering your face. And not only that – she’s worked out the logistics and she’d fit perfectly on top of your head.

Straight up – if this dude didn’t let this chick ride his face liks a fuckin see-saw, he’s got the gay.

PS – Technically theres no way to prove the server was a chick, but that handwriting is 200% from a female. Those round W’s, perfect b’s and the f’s just scream “I’m a chick who wants a mustache ride.”