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Mile High Atlanta -  Make your fantasy a reality with Mile High Atlanta.  We are located at West Georgia Regional Airport near Carrollton, GA. just a short drive from the Metro Atlanta area in rural Georgia.  We will take you up to over 5,280 feet above the earth’s surface so you have the opportunity to join the exclusive “Mile High Club.”  For only $379.00 per couple, you and “your significant other” will have a one hour flight in a Piper Cherokee Six designed exclusively for this purpose.  Also included is a bottle of champagne, a certificate of your accomplishment and you get to keep your sheet as a souvenir of this special event… Our pilot is VERY discreet and all flights are handled with the UTMOST confidentiality.  West Georgia Regional is a relatively “quiet” airport with little traffic, so getting in and out very discreetly is no problem at all.

I like the idea here but doesn’t this kind of defeat the whole purpose of the Mile High club?  Like isn’t the whole thrill of it to sneak into the bathroom and try to work out some position without stepping into the toilet?  Just kind of seems like you couldn’t hang up that Certificate of Accomplishment in your office without some sort of asterik next to it.  Like yeah technically you joined the mile high club but no one was around except that super discreet pilot you paid off.  Would be like calling Babe Ruth the greatest pitcher of all time when he didn’t have to go against blacks or latinos.  Just going to be a lot of people who take issue with the official standing in the Mile High Club.   Not to mention I’m terrified of small planes and that thing looks like it’s going down with a strong gust of wind so no thanks.  Call me old-fashioned but I’ll stick to sex on the solid ground where I don’t have to worry about turbulence ripping my dick off.