Jiminy fucking cricket Eddie! Safe to say you took a step up from those trannies you used to fuck! That musta been a fun conversation to have. So what was your last relationship like? Well I used to pay for hookers that may or may not have had dicks! What about yours!

I guess when chicks say the just want a guy that can make them laugh, sometimes they really aren’t fucking around. Because Eddie Murphy is absolutely a lunatic. I mean look at this face:

Thats the look of a crazy black man who has probably kidnapped and imprisoned this girl and just says they are dating. But there she is! Standing by his side, smiling for the camera. “Did you see him in Norbit! He’s so funny! Did you know he plays all the characters in his movies!” Stupid broads. So easily tricked into having sex with weird men.

On a side note, how bad do you think Eddie Murphy wants to murder Tyler Perry with his bare hands? If Tyler Perry ever shows up dead somewhere the first fucking place they should look is Eddie Murphy.

Absolute fucking KNOCKOUT.