I’m not kidding I’m pretty sure a 10 year old hockey player from Kazakhstan could kick my ass. Probably a 10 year old hockey player from anywhere but certainly one from some second or third world developing country like Kazakhstan. I feel like dudes from those countries come out of the womb swinging.

Like take a look at this little dude at the 29 second mark

Top left corner just gettin dragged away kicking and screaming because he’s thirsty for blood. If I was in that brawl I probably would have just been skating around the melee pretending like I was involved and talking shit from the outskirts hoping that nobody actually drags me into the fight. Meanwhile in KazakhstanAll these kids just wail on each other’s faces and then the parents clap and cheer and they all go back home to their caves and probably have to hunt wild animals with their bare hands for dinner.