Mashable - The Internet has been creating celebrity for years — from Justin Bieber to the “I Like Turtles” kid. But more people than ever flocked to online communities in 2012, and the opportunity for fame increased exponentially. Some of this year’s discovery was pushed by the media, but much of it originated on the web. Platforms likeReddit played an important role in filtering unique moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed — the social web pulled Ridiculously Photogenic Guy from a South Carolina 10K race. But not everything is pure entertainment. The year 2012 familiarized us with a rich viral philanthropymovement. After a bus monitor on a $15,000 yearly salary was bullied by middle schoolers, the Internet rapidly came to her defense, donating more than half a million dollars toward her dream vacation. Being discovered online is not always necessarily in one’s favor. This year, millions of people learned about worldwide campaigns, like the one against LRA leader Joseph Kony. More subtle figures like Reddit moderator Violentacrez unexpectedly went from anonymous identity to the subject of a global debate. In no particular order, here are 15 people who famously caught the Internet’s attention in 2012.

1. Psy
2. Carly Rae Jepsen
3. Zeddie Little (Ridiculously Photogenic Guy)
4. Michael Brutsch (Violentacrez) Reddit Troll
5. Felix Baumgartner
6. McKayla Maroney
7. Michelle Jenneke (Sprinter who jumped up and down and danced before her race)
8. Jaime Lynne Grumet (The chick on the cover of time who lets her like 9 year old kids breastfeed)
9. Lydia Callis (Bloomberg’s interpreter)
10. Gotye (group that sings Somebody That I Used To Know)
11. Krispy Kreme
12. Bobak Ferdowsi (NASA Mohawk Guy)
13. Laina Walker (Overly Attached Girlfriend)
14. Joseph Kony
15. Karen Klein (Bullied Bus Monitor)

Yo fuck this list. Half the people on this list are famous people who just got talked about on the internet. They aren’t “Internet famous.” McKayla Maroney is a fucking Olympic Gold Medalist. The internet didn’t “create” her. She was just a bitchy hot gold medalist. Thats just normal famous. Carly Rae Jepsen is responsible for the greatest musical composition in the past 50 years. She’s signed to Justin Bieber’s music label. Thats just a legitimately famous pop star. Not Internet Famous. Stupid list.

You wanna know who’s Internet Famous? Fucking me. Ok? Through the beauty of the Internet I’ve become a New York Times fashionisto. Huffington Post turned to me for olive oil dick injections expertise. Shit, just this morning I think Michelle Beadle said she wanted to fuck me. I’m the poster child for Internet Famous. Without the Internet I’d have nothing. With the internet, I get free fleeces. Like if you took the Internet away, Joseph Kony would still be a child murdering guerilla. Take away the internet from Michelle Jenneke and she’s still a world class athlete and a smokin hot chick. But if you take the internet away from me I’d just be a miserable accountant Cube Monkey. The only person you can say has gotten more from the Internet than me is the Bus Monitor Bitch. Without the internet she’d just be a fat ugly bus monitor. Now she’s a filthy rich fat ugly bus monitor. Me and her should be #1 and 2 on this list.

PS - Bobak Ferdowsi (NASA Mohawk Guy)?? Who the fuck is that?