Daily MailA 15-year-old girl and a boy, 17, were filmed giving a live ‘sex show’ at a High School house party, police said today. Des Moines police are investigating whether Mount Rainier High School students filmed the teenagers on their cell phones, before sending the lurid scenes to other classmates. Sargent Bob Collins said the girl and boy had sex on Friday, ‘in front of everybody in the middle of the party.’ As the two engaged in sex, ‘cellphones did come out and we believe digital recordings may have been made by other students. ‘Word got around the school. It’s out there.’ It was not clear if any adults were present at the house party, held in North Hill. Neither the girl or the boy  lived at the house. An investigation was launched on Tuesday after teachers at the school heard rumours of the recordings and contacted police. Detectives are understood to have viewed one phone from a student at the party which did contain the sexual footage.  Speaking to Komo News, high school junior Alexis Gregersen said: ‘I don’t think they would do it if they knew the consequences. ‘I think that they should be educated on it, and if they knew, they probably wouldn’t have done it.’ After a preliminary investigation King County prosecutors will determine whether child pornography charges will be brought against those who recorded or shared the images.

You know its funny. On any given day you can come to Barstool and find a blog about how kids these days are pussies. “Pussification” this and “Pussification” that. I’ll sit here and blog till I’m blue in the face making fun of kids who don’t play kickball at recess and can’t whack a pinata at a birthday party because they’re scared its “too dangerous.” Well you know what? Maybe they aren’t playing kickball because they are too busy BEING FILMED FUCKING IN THE MIDDLE OF HOUSE PARTIES. Jesus fucking Christ you kids these days are animals. You wanna know the craziest thing that ever happened at a house party when I was in high school? One time this dude was down 6 cups in beer pong and hit all 6 to force overtime in rebuttal. Thats it. Meanwhile in 2011, Suzie and Johnny are turning their high school keggers into goddam College Fuck Fest.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is such a Golden Age for young guys its not even funny. There has never been a better time to be a 14-18 year old guy. You’ve got sexting. You’ve got facebook. You’ve got reality TV poisoning the minds of chicks. You’ve got sluts who are willing to get fucked in the middle of house parties. Fish in a barrel my friends, fish in a barrel. When I was in 7th grade there was this chick Angie who pretty much would let anyone with 2 fingers fingerblast her. Seriously she didn’t even require you to have all 5 fingers. And that chick was outcast as if she were an actual whore. Some Scarlett Letter shit because she liked to get blasted. But you take a look around now  and she looks like Mother fucking Theresa compared to girls these days. Man I’m getting old.