Looks like team Barstool is ready to go. Are you? – Click here to join The Week 9 Barstool Big One

I’ve got a question for everyone. Its a question I should probably know since they are a partner with Barstool. But, do you think Fan Duel is ever gonna stop? You think they are just gonna keep upping the ante until the winner is taking home like $750,000? This shit is gonna be like the World Series Of Poker. One day the winner is gonna walk away with like 8 million bucks.

Anyway the huge prizes for first, second and third aren’t even the best part of this week’s challenge. Its the total pay out of $15,000. Here’s the breakdown:

Come in 32nd place and double your money. Win a hundred bucks which will be enough to enter the next 2 challenges which may be like a $5,000 prize. Just be the 32nd place and you got two more free entries into like 30 or 40,000 dollars worth of tournaments.

CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP- $50 entry, 332 person tournament. Up to 3 team entries permitted. $15,000 in prizes. 1st $3,300, 2nd $2,000, 3rd $1,200. Payouts of $100 all the way down to 32nd place.