Is that a nipple?

Huff PoPolice believe they’ve hit a bullseye in their investigation of sniper-style dart attacks in New York City. Georgiy Ostrozhnyuk, 66, was sitting in his car Sunday evening when he noticed darts flying in through the open window. Ostrozhnyuk was hit in the leg and stomach before he was able to close the window, according to local television station NY1. Arkadiy Shklyaver, 52, and Ming Chen, 40, were each walking nearby when the barrage of darts began, the New York Post reported. Shklyaver took a hit in the stomach, while Chen was struck in both the back and right leg. Police told the New York Daily News that the three victims had never met before, and the attacks seem to have been random. Authorities found the street littered with ten three-inch darts that they believe were shot out of a blow gun. The investigators were ultimately able to use the trajectory of the darts to track down 15-year-old suspect Gustavo Vasquez, whose apartment is near the crime scene. Vasquez “basically copped to it,” police said, and also allegedly gave them the name of his accomplice, another 15-year-old who has not yet been found.

I did a lot of stupid shit as a kid. Went through a delinquent phase in like 8th grade where we egged houses and threw beer bottles in people’s yards. Smoking golf balls with baseball bats with reckless abandon. One time we sprayed the tops of tennis balls with hair spray and lit them on fire and threw them around the neighborhood at cars. Real stupid shit that if I caught myself doing now I’d kick my own ass.

But a couple thugs shooting blow darts from the roof tops of Brooklyn has gotta take the cake. Sniping people in their cars. Shooting random victims in the stomach. Thats some diabolical National Geographic shit right there. Wonder if they got bow and arrows that they rub on poisonous frogs too?  I kinda wish they picked on the wrong dude. Shot a blow dart into some ‘Nam vet with PTSD. Hunt them down and kill them with his own primitive weapons and when the police come to get him he just says “They drew first blood. Not me.”