First of all, this is a legitimately impressive athletic feat. Those platforms gaps are not small. If I did that I’d basically do a cannonball and land right in the middle.

Secondly, I’ve never been openly rooting for 2 dudes to get electrocuted. I’ve watched youtube videos that build up anticipation and I’ve rooted for knockout punches. I’ve rooted for people to be hit by cars. I’ve rooted for people to fall off of rooftops. The list goes on and on. But I wanted one of these guys to stumble at the edge and fall onto the third rail and burst into lightning flames so fucking badly it almost surprised me. I was like a little bit borderline disgusted with myself for hoping these assholes died in a self induced electrocution stunt.

PS – That black dude has gotta be pretty embarrassed no? Stumbling white drunk dude smoked him.