If this isn’t “White People Problems” personified, I don’t know what is. Excuse me sir, thats my Park Avenue taxi that I’m taking home from my investment banking job! No, its mine! Scrap for a little bit and then realize you’re both pussies and worth too much money to be doing that shit.

But these are the dangers that exist when you try to upstream somebody. I am all forever upstreaming and doing whatever you gotta do to hail a cab. Its survival of the fittest, every man for himself. All’s fair in love and war and getting taxis in New York. But just don’t be surprised when the time comes to throw fisticuffs. Go ahead and walk a half block ahead and be cutthroat, but you may end up getting hipchecked and put in a headlock before you get in there. Just the code of the streets. To me its like showboating on your home run trot. I don’t believe in unwritten rules and unspoken sportsmanship. Do whatever you want. Just dont be surprised when you get a 95 mile per hour fast ball in the back next at bat.

PS – I respect the shit out of that guy for backing down. I never give in during those type of situations. Whether its fighting for a taxi or fighting for space at the bar or waiting on line to pay somewhere. Whatever. Any time a dispute arises in those situations I will fight to the bitter end. If I gotta box people out at a bar for like 2 hours in order to prove my point, I’ll do it.