Its that time of year again, folks. Chicks cutting lose and letting out their inner slut. Dudes trying to hard to be funny with their costumes. And a ton of fucking booze in between.

Truth be told, Halloween last year was probably Barstool New York’s most successful event ever. We just packed the joint out with more chicks than you could ever imagine. Saloon hooked it up with the open bar special and they did it again this year too – $40 premium open bar from 10pm-1am. That includes premium liquor like Kettle, all the various flavored vodkas, Jack Daniels etc. Basically everything but Goose and Patron.

Just like last year, $1,000 for the sexiest Halloween costume. Do you hear that girls? You know you wanna dress up sexy, might as well come to Saloon and get 1 month’s rent free. DJ will be playing all night long. Just absolutely everything you could ask for. Booze, sexy chicks, and zero sexual inhibitions.

Email to RSVP.

Viva La Halloween! Viva La Saloon!

Saloon is on the upper east side on 84th and York.