Could you really tell the difference?

NBC PhillyWhile most teenagers spend their spare time hanging out with friends and playing sports, three former Avon Grove high school students will spend their time picking up dog droppings and scrubbing toilets, urinals and bed pans at local senior centers and nursing homes. A judge sentenced the three girls to the dirty labor after the trio pleaded guilty Monday to frosting a birthday cake for a classmate with human feces, according to the Daily Local News of West Chester. A fourth teen, a juvenile, also confessed to having a hand in making the cake, although she has not yet been sentenced.  Aside from cleaning toilets, 19-year-old Mayra Flores, 18-year-old Ana Mireles and Sandra Ortiz, also 18, will spend 22 months on probation. According to the paper, an assistant principal at the school reported the crime on March 24 when a student told him that she, her mother and three siblings got sick after eating a cake that four of her peers had given her for her birthday

An eye for an eye.

A tooth for a tooth.

Picking up dog shit and scrubbing urinals for make human poop frosting and smearing it on a birthday cake.

Thats justice my friends. Hammurabi himself couldn’t have scripted this punishment better. Actually thats a lie Hammurabi would have just made these three teens just eat a shit frosted cake, right? That would be a real tit for tat punishment. But I guess today in the modern world we just have to settle for making these bitches changing poopy diapers at a nursing home and shit like that.

My real question how mad do you have to be at someone to frost their cake with shit? How do you even go about that? Everyone shits in a bowl and you sprinkle in some egg and water and oil and get out the mixer? I just don’t understand the logistics of it all. All I know is that licking the bowl of leftover brownie batter used to be one of my favorite snacks ever, but its never gonna be the same after reading this story.