YahooAn angry four-year-old Saudi boy shot and killed his father for refusing to buy him a PlayStation, Saudi media reported on Monday. The Asharq daily, citing police in the southern Jizan area, said the child, aged four years and seven months, grabbed his father’s pistol and shot him in the head. According to the newspaper, the child had asked his father to buy him a PlayStation and the shooting took place after the man returned home without the desired object. As he was undressing, the man put the weapon down, which the child then grabbed and fired at him from close range.

First of all I’m just going to automatically assume we’re talking about a PlayStation 3 here, right? Not like 1 or 2 or some other shit that took forever to make it over to Saudi Arabia. Because if my dad wouldn’t buy me a Playstation 1 I’d shoot him in the head too.

Secondly, who are these parents who refuse to buy their kids video games? When I have kids I am buying them every console imaginable. Playstations and XBox’s. Nintendo Wii’s and Game Cubes and N64s. I’ll even get them fuckin Sega CD and Dreamcast and all those consoles that totally flopped. Whatever devices will make my kids sit in front of the TV for hours on end and shut the fuck up will be all over my house. When I was a kid my parents spoiled the shit out of me and my brother when it came to video games. You know why? Because we were annoying assholes and if we weren’t playing with Mario and Luigi we wanted to be playing with Mommy and Daddy. They locked us in a room with Nintendo controllers until our eyes were bleeding from looking at the screen for so long.

But I guess some parents out there worry about rotting their children’s brains or exposing them to simulated violence and all that mumbo jumbo blah blah blah. You wanna worry about violence? Worry about your kid shooting your head off when you don’t get him video games.

PS – Whats more irresponsible? The Saudi media saying this four year old intentionally murdered his dad over video games or me reblogging it like thats really what happened? Toss up.