PhillyHappening - The City of Brotherly love is well known for its loyal and fanatical fans, but even the fanatics have their moments. One of the cities most famous incidents, even gaining national attention, was the pelting of Santa Claus with snowballs at Franklin Field. However the circumstances leading up to this event are often clouded leaving many to believe, as the Washington Business Journal reported in 2001, “No one throws snowballs at Santa Claus – unless you live in Philadelphia, where they throw snow balls at him.” The environment on this day in 1968 was in the mid 20′s and it had been snowing since the previous day. 54,535 still braved the weather, even when considering the Eagles lackluster 2-11 season. At least fans would be treated to  the promise of a halftime Christmas Pageant. Unknown circumstances led to Santa, the hired gun, to be replaced by fan Frank Olivo. Dressed in red corduroy and topped off with a fake beard, the 5’6 and 170lbs Olivo was approached by the entertainment director and brought out a brass rendition of “Here Comes Santa Claus.” The halftime show had gone awry due to the snow and caused Frank to parade on foot. While the true nature of the ensuing pelting may never be know, many attribute it to management taking a championship team and turning it into the worst team in the league.

43 years ago today, the world was exposed to the filth and scum that is the city of Philadelphia. And since then its been batteries and flare guns and puking on children, and good old fashioned murder during sporting events. Dog killers and Shattered Dream Teams. Its pitiful. I actually pity them. Mostly because they’re so delusional about it on top of it all. Claim that its all unfair media bias and everything is spun to paint Philly in a negative light. Yea sure Philly its not the 43 years of deplorable behavior that makes people think your city is vile pit of filth and violence. Its the media reporting it for 4 decades. Sure.

Which is why its going to give me so much pleasure to watch the Jets officially put an end to their miserable season in Philadelphia. They’re like a wounded dog just limping around with Vick and Vince Young and that idiot Desean Jackson and fat ass Andy Reid. Jets are gonna just take them out back and put them out of their misery.

Big weekend at Hype Lounge this Sunday as we’re blessed with one of the rare 1pm Giants 4:15pm Jets kickoffs. Its an all day booze fest with a live DJ, amazing wings, cheap beer, and 20 HD TVs showing all the games. Cannot ask for a better Sunday as both New York teams fight for their playoff lives.

1/2 price wings

$15 buckets

$3 domestic beers

$2.75 drafts if you order at the bar

$4 fancy beers if you’re into microbrews and all that shit