Its a tradition unlike any other! Posting Smokeshow Liz and her Halloween costumes to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Luckily for girls, Liz moved to Miami so she won’t be at Saloon blowing the doors off as a nurse or cop or maid. Unluckily for dudes, Liz Liz moved to Miami so she wont be at Saloon blowing the doors off as a nurse or cop or maid. But thats the beauty of Halloween – every girl lets out her sexy side. Its not just about one smoke stealing the show. Every girl cuts loose for one night and pretends to be someone else until the sun comes up the next day. And there is nothing quite like doing a little role playing.

500 bucks and 2 free Blackout Tickets go to the sexiest female Stoolie. We got drink specials running all night long. DJ Gonzo doing his best to turn Saloon into a Barstool Blackout. 2 rooms, 3 bars, booze flowing and smokes galore. Happy fuckin Halloween!

Where: Saloon 84th and York

When: Saturday, October 27th

How Much: 40 bucks, open bar from 9pm to 12am or 10pm to 1am. Includes ALL beers, ALL wine, and premium liquors like Kettle One and Jack Daniels. 2 rooms, 3 full bars, a million bartenders.

Extras: $500 prize, 2 free Blackout Tickets for the sexiest costume.

**Get there early. You try to come to this party at like 11 and you’re gonna be on line all night**