I don’t have any cash and I’m probably gonna play dead soon, but sure lets have another dance!

Huff PoRobert Gene White, a 67-year-old man, received several lap dances at a Texas strip club Friday night, and when it came time to pay, workers found him unresponsive, KVIA reported. A manager of the Red Parrot in El Paso says employees tried to perform CPR on him, but were unsuccessful. KTSM reported that White suffered a heart attack while being entertained by the dancers. El Paso Sheriff’s deputies told the station that there were no immediate signs of foul play, but the investigation is still open.

These Texas strippers didn’t really let him get away with this, did they? Dude is conveniently “dead” when it came time to pay for his lap dances? Yea. Sure. Its called playing possum you dumb dancing whores. And Bobby Gene White probably unzipped that body bag a few miles down the road, sat up, and rubbed one out in the back of the ambulance to relieve the 5 free lap dances worth of blue balls he was rockin.