InquistrSeven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig was featured on Good Morning America Tuesday and offered his unscientific tips for increasing your shot at winning the $500 million Powerball jackpot. Yes, that is half a billion. According to Atlanta Business Chronicle, the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot are 1 in 175 million but millions of Americans are chasing the “easy” money. In their search for secrets to winning big they turn to the seven-time lottery winner. Seven-time lottery winner Richard Lustig has won more than $7 million in grand prizes. He has written a book called Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery. Probably the best tip for frequent lotto players is that they should never play quick picks, but rather always play the same set of numbers to maximize the chance of winning. He said that for frequent players, odds are always at their worst with quick picks.

- For a large jacket pot such as this week’s $500 million Powerball jackpot, pool money with a large group of people to increase your chances (don’t forget to get a legal contract in writing!)

- Pick your own numbers instead of having the machine do it for you

- Research and see if your numbers have won before

- Select your ten sets of numbers and keep those if you continue buying tickets

- Buy as many tickets as you can afford. Lottery officials say that the more tickets that are purchased, the greater the odds there will be a winner.

Most importantly, while it may sound odd coming from Lustig, the seven-time lottery winner says to not get lottery fever. He highly recommends setting a budget for how many tickets can be purchased…then stick with it.

Hey Richard thanks for the advice! Buy as many tickets as possible and keep playing the same numbers until they hit. Awesome. Here I was thinking playing as few tickets with random numbers was the key. Dick.

But who am I to doubt you? I’m the asshole who’s sitting at home broke as a joke. I’m a zero-time lottery winner. What the fuck do I know? My expert advice on how to win the lottery is be a homeless asshole. If you’re not a minority, your chances are cut in half. If you’re not addicted to meth or oxy or some other sort of synthesized drug, cut it in half again. Your chances are reduced by 1% for every tooth you still have in your head. If you have a full set thats like another thirty percent. That means if you’re white, clean from drugs, and have all your teeth, you have a -5% chance of winning the Powerball tonight.

I’ll tell you who has the best chances of winning. Not the people who follow Dick Lustig’s steps to winning. Bus drivers, thats who. I feel like every time I turn around a bus driver is winning the lottery. Some asshole who was uppercutting his passengers a week earlier is gonna walk away with 500 mil. Book it. Maybe I should write a book – How To Win The Lottery. Step 1. Be a bus driver. Step 2. Keep being a bus driver forever while playing the lottery and eventually it will work.

PS – This bitch dressed from Grimace from McDonalds “picking the amount” and waiting for that jackpot number is the cockiest thing I’ve ever heard