The Heavyweight Champion:

The Contender:

Pants Velour and Dial 7′s bringing the motherfucking noise! Forget about Jay Z and Nas, 666 vs 777 is the new music beef.

I mean this is how you fucking respond to your competitors. 666 stepping on your turf with some lip syncing Asians and a catchy little jingle? You come back over the top with Pants Velour and some sassy sultry black bitch in a Janet Jackson outfit hammering the number 7 into viewers brains. I mean I would have never in a million years guessed it was possible to make a car service commercial thats catchier than 666-6666, but I’ll be damned if Dial 7′s isn’t making a run at it. I’m not ready to declare 7′s the new Heavyweight Champion of Car Service Commercials, but thats because I’ve only seen 7′s roughly 20,000 times where as 666-6666 I’ve seen no less than half a million times. But who knows. Pants Velour and Dial 7s could catch fire this summer. Look out, folks. We got a serious battle on our hands.

Vote 1 for 777-7777 is the new catchiest car service commercial Vote 10 for 666-6666 is still the undisputed Heavyweight Commercial Champion of the World

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