LONDONEight badminton players could be disciplined for their sub-par Olympic effort after embarrassing scenes Tuesday saw them appear to deliberately throw their matches. Angry fans at Wembley Arena booed and jeered once it became clear that No.1 seed Wang Xiaoli and Yu Yang of China and Jung Kyung-eun and Kim Ha-na of South Korea were trying to purposefully lose their contest in the final round of the group stage in order to obtain an easier draw in the next round. Both teams, along with a second doubles team from South Korea and one from Indonesia have all been charged by the Badminton World Federation with “not using one’s best efforts to win a match,” according to the BBC. The sorry situation came about for two reasons: both the Wang-Yu pairing and the Jung-Kim duo had already qualified for the quarterfinal after winning their first two group games and the second-ranked Chinese pairing of Tian Qing and Zhao Yunlei had already been upset by a team from Denmark. The winner of the China vs. South Korea match knew they would earn the dubious honor of facing Tian and Zhao, offering the genuine advantage of an easier draw for losing on purpose. At one point in the first set there was the ludicrous sight of three straight fault serves being committed, unthinkable for teams of this caliber. Match referee Thorsten Berg took the step of striding furiously onto the court and issuing a formal warning to both teams.

Say it ain’t so, Wang-Yu. Say it ain’t so.

Is nothing sacred anymore? We’ve got teams tanking in the NBA for the Number 1 Draft Pick. We got guys bunting to break up no hitters. And then the soup de jour, coup de gras – these Chinese bitches throwing badminton matches in the Olympics. This is the motherfuckin Olympics. You trained 4 years for this. You bring the noise every time you step between those badminton lines. Regardless of the circumstances. Last nite did the Fab 5 ease up when those Russian bitches were in shambles crying hysterically? For sure not. They lowered the boom and stepped on their necks. Doesn’t matter that their opponent was waving the white flag. And it doesn’t matter if Tian and Zhao await in the next round of badminton. Fuck Tian and Zhao! Respect the game. Respect the shuttlecock.

Or at least learn how to tank a little better. 3 straight fault serves? Remind me to never get involved in a badminton point shaving ring. Christ, how about a little subtlety, Wang?