DM – A flight attendant is suing octogenarian billionaire real estate developer A. Alfred Taubman for $29 million claiming he fondled her, tried to rip off her clothing during flights aboard his private plane and told her she ruined her life by getting pregnant and should have had an abortion. Nicole Rock, 38, filed the complaint on Thursday with the federal court in Detroit, she has accused her former boss, 88, of improper conduct in the roughly six years she worked for the married father of three. Rock, who began working for Taubman’s company as a flight attendant in March 2005, alleged her civil rights were violated by the Taubman Air Terminals Inc. president and chief executive and his company because she was ‘forced to endure horrific illegal acts by defendants of a graphic and sexually harassing nature.’ In her complaint, the unmarried flight attendant claims Taubman grabbed her or brushed against her on multiple occasions, forced his tongue into her ear and mouth repeatedly, ripped buttons off her blouse, and once tried to perform oral sex on her. 

If I was a female flight attendant, you know what I’d expect to happen to me on board a billionaire’s private jet? Sexual harassment. Lots and lots of sexual harassment. From takeoff to landing, nothing but ass-pinching and offers for oral sex. You gotta have some semblance of common sense going into that job. Like isn’t that what you’re hired for? Pour champagne and be sexually harassed? That’s what I always thought went on aboard private jets. But I guess it’s kinda this guys fault too. I mean you’re a billionaire dude. Just get a hooker. Just pay some porn stars to fly with you. That’s the correct billionaire play. No need to go slumming with some mediocre flight attendant. You can have the best sluts on the planet who will let you eat their pussy in a heartbeat. You can tell them they should have got abortions the whole way from LA to Paris and there ain’t gonna be any lawsuit involved. Just a bad, bad billionaire strategy all around.