Once again, the wave is going at Yankee Stadium. Not even out of the 3rd, and this shit is already starting. What happened to pride? What happened to dignity? The wave is more National League than the double switch. At first, I was as anti-wave haters as I was anti-wave. But the ratio is turning. It’s getting out of hand now. This is becoming a nightly event. Yankee Stadium was founded on tradition, class, and the roll call. If the wave becomes a staple in the Bronx, the balance of sports fandom will be thrown off its axis and oceans will flood. Mountains will crumble and the Mayans will win. Please, people, do your part. Tell a friend. Tell a neighbor. It’s never too early to discuss these issues with your children. The movement starts today, but it needs to be in Pay It Forward style. A back-and-forth conversation with your buddy about how gay the wave is isn’t going to help. Please pass this message on and spread it like Game of Thrones wildfire. ***The more you know***