It happened in the fourth inning of tonight’s game. Cano on first, Jeter on second, A Rod at the plate. It was rare. It was glorious. It was a little thing called “of-fense [uh-fens].” A word that as of late, has become somewhat foreign to the Yankees. It wasn’t a lucky break or a well-placed blooper that spurred what could end up being a very significant rally coming down the stretch. It was a goofy, purple-lipped smile.

A Rod, in typical aloof fashion, waved Jeter to third on a passed ball that barely scooted away from the plate. Jeter obviously didn’t go, as he would have been an easy target. A Rod then comically threw up a stop sign about 5 seconds later, as if to tell Jeter, “Yeah, obviously you shouldn’t go. I was clearly kidding. Idiot.” The half-a-billion dollar duo then shared a laugh across the pitcher’s mound- the first on-field smile I recall seeing on a Yankee’s face in way too long. Immediately after this joint giggle, A Rod ripped his hardest-hit ball since returning from the DL into the left field corner, scoring Jeter, only to be outdone by Martin’s subsequent two-run knock to right. The team seemed to ease up a bit from that moment on. After weeks of poor play and douche bag smut bloggers with huge dicks killing them for it, the Yankees seemed less tense. They went on to score 6 runs and win the game. Part of me can’t help but think that the innocent, almost child-like exchange between Jeter and A Rod had something to do with it. Maybe this win will spark a late-season run to a championship. Maybe it’ll do absolutely nothing and I’m reading too deeply into it because I’m drunk. Maybe it doesn’t even matter because the Giants are on and no one is reading or caring about the Yankees right now. I feel like the old lady tour guide in Billy Madison. Are there horse socks? Is anybody listening to me?