Mark it down. Friday October, October 12th, 2012- the end of A Rod. The player, the name, the reputation- it just became something to reminisce about. One of the most historic benching decisions ever, Girardi finally pulled the trigger on a move countless playoff disappointments in the making. Never coulda gotten away with it 5 years ago when he was putting up identical numbers against Detroit or Cleveland or whoever the Yankees were getting knocked out of the playoffs by at the moment. But now in the Twilight of his career, it’s completely justifiable. And about 5 days late. I couldn’t watch one more swing through an O’Day frisbee in a key situation. Hopefully this monumental move wakes this team the fuck up. One thing’s for damn sure- A Rod will never get it up again. You’re looking at a broken man. Shoulda just cut his balls off during BP.