NBCSports- And let’s not forget that A-Rod has a full no-trade clause. If he was going to allow a trade anywhere it may be Miami because he lives there, but really, this makes no sense. 

3:15 PM: Take this with a considerably large grain of salt. Because while, yes, Keith Olbermann is a member of the media — formerly a member of the sports media — and while he likely has contacts with the New York Yankees given who he is, where his season tickets are and all of that stuff, this doesn’t seem terribly plausible:

Not plausible from a baseball perspective — why in the hell would the Yankees want Heath Bell? — but also implausible given the timing of it all. Since when do teams in the freaking playoffs have trade discussions with anyone? Also: Olbermann doesn’t really report baseball news, so I’m not sure why he’d get this sort of thing before anyone else.

It’s not crazy to think that the Yankees will try to shop Rodriguez this winter. But I have a really hard time believing that there is anything to this beyond loose “what if” chatter over the dregs of a bottle of scotch.

Well, that was fun while it lasted! If it were up to me, and probably most Yankee fans, I’d have him on the plane already. Even with the mere prospect of the idea. Just the first whisper of a trade- book it, Priceline! Shatner. Tickets. Now! But when you think about it, rumors of these talks couldn’t have been that legitimate. Trade discussions before a possible elimination game 4 is way too Mets for the Yankee style. Sure, it would be a nice homecoming for Alex but this makes no sense. It was fun to dream though, wasn’t it? Even if it was a washed up, dead arm Heath Bell we’d be getting in return, I think I’d rather take our chances with him in the lineup right now over A Rod.