Never knew you could fit so much awful in one shot.

Gentleman, our captain gave his ankle for the team. We have a guy manning up and going out there pitching on short rest for the first time in his career. We’re staring an 0-2 deficit right in the eyes with Verlander going Tuesday. When we jog out onto that field in a couple minutes, let’s show the world what wearing the pinstripes is all about! throw up a complete goose egg and continue striking out in big spots! 

What a fucking joke. Forget about the blown call in the 8th, the Yankees weren’t coming back from shit tonight. Anemic fucking lineup swinging for the fences on every pitch. I want a live ustream feed of Cashman telling Swisher to take a walk. Cano and A Rod playing bingo with their postseason averages. With 3-0 being virtually the same as 7-0 at this point, I was almost hoping for Prince to put one out in the 8th just so we could get rock bottom out of the way. No worries- I’m sure Verlander will take care of that tomorrow.