Star LedgerThe Giants have nine players on the pre-practice injury report today and there are three new names. The most prominent addition is running back Ahmad Bradshaw who is listed with a foot injury. Bradshaw missed four games last season with a cracked bone in his foot. He previously had undergone surgery to insert screws in his foot. He returned to finish the season, but underwent a procedure to speed the healing process of the stress fracture in March. Bradshaw has had his biggest work loads each of the last two weeks. He carried the ball a career-high 30 times against the Browns in Week 5 and followed it with 27 rushes against the 49ers Sunday, the second highest total of his career. In his press conference with reporters this morning, Tom Coughlin said Bradshaw won’t practice today, but will tomorrow. Coughlin wouldn’t go into specifics other than it’s “the same type of thing” Bradshaw has dealt with in the past. But considering Coughlin said Bradshaw will practice tomorrow, indications aren’t it’s as serious. Coughlin said he didn’t think the heavy workload was too much for Bradshaw too handle. “He’s definitely played well, played hard, gotten the ball a number of times and we’d like to think he can keep on doing that,” Coughlin said. “I don’t want to go into that one-practice-a-week business we’ve had. So I’m hoping that this is something that he is able to overcome and see the end of it.”

I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Bradshaw’s had his foot fucked with more than Lohan’s meat flaps, so 60+ touches the last 2 weeks was bound to catch up to him. Maybe Coughlin could’ve let David Wilson have the 6 straight carries Bradshaw received to wrap up the Cleveland game (and 200 yards), or at least divvy it like they did while running out the majority of the 4th at Frisco – but for the most part, the Giants needed every single tote #44 could handle. Still, this is a pretty big deal. Yes, Andre Brown’s been cleared for contact & Wilson’s seemingly creeping his way out of TC’s doghouse, but Bradshaw’s experience & overall skill set in running, receiving & pass-protection can’t be overstated. Brown & Wilson are still raw and I wouldn’t trust that tandem to carry the load the rest of the way in a worst-case scenario. Problem is, and rightfully so, AB1′s the trusted back. With consecutive division games on tap & an 0-2 record in the East, there’s little room for rest. Coughlin’s sounding like he’s not planning to hold him back, either. In a perfect world, the G-Men can maintain their recently balanced run/pass attack with all 3 RB’s in something like a 15/10/5 split. Give Andre Brown mop-up duties whenever possible – dude’s a beast. Let’s just hope the next couple Sundays allow for that because, as we saw last year, Bradshaw’s 25+ touches are a virtual must come playoffs. If this little flare-up turns into something serious because Coughlin doesn’t utilize the tread on the tires of AB2 & his #1 pick, it’ll be the first time in a long time I’ll have a beef with that old, cherry-cheeked son of a bitch.