(Newser) – You know you did terrible in a debate when your defenders start playing the … altitude card? From Al Gore on Current TV, floating a theory last night on President Obama’s lackluster performance, as per Mediaite:

  • “I’m going to say something controversial here. Obama arrived in Denver at 2pm today—just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet, and you only have a few hours to adjust—I don’t know …”

Cue the global warming jokes, like this one at the Stir.

First of all let me just say, I don’t know shit about politics. I don’t vote. I think when the economy is in good shape everyone is happy and when its not, everyone is pissed off. No matter who is president. That being said even I could tell last night Obama sucked. I thought he was supposed to bring the heat when it comes to talking and speeches and instead he just stumbled and mumbled the whole time. Looked like he was sexting Michelle underneath his podium all night. But I guess what Al Gore is saying here is that this motherfucker O-Bomb couldn’t breathe! How can you expect someone to debate when they can’t even breathe?? Chinese riddle for you, Rhonda.

Have you ever been involved in something you know you have absolutely no business doing? I felt like that the whole time I was an accountant.  I was always looking around laughing to myself like “what the fuck am I doing here?” Kept looking at other people around me studying for CFAs and CPAs and Series this and Series that, the whole time I was sitting there blogging secretly like “How am I still here?” I think thats Al Gore and his place in politics right now. Dude just wants to talk about the weather and talk about the glory days when he was second banana to a dude getting his asshole licked by interns. Just no clue what hes really doing but people keep asking him questions and interviewing him and shit so he runs with it. “Al why do you think Obama struggled in the debate?” “Uhhh. Err. He couldn’t breath. Because we’re in the mountains. Denver is closer to Space. Yea thats why. Like that dude on the Steelers who can never fly there anymore to play the Broncos. Yea. Altitude and shit.”