ESPN – Hector “Macho” Camacho has proved to be as controversial after death as he was during his life. Several fights broke out during the second day of the viewing of the slain fighter Tuesday, including a scratching match between his alleged girlfriend, another woman who says she’s his longtime girlfriend and his sisters, according to local media reports in Puerto Rico. ”I am the actual girlfriend of Macho, and those who don’t like it better not bring it,” said Cynthia Castillo, who claimed to be Camacho’s girlfriend at the time of his death. “They shouldn’t be going after me. They should be thanking me for being with him at all times.” Castillo planted a kiss on the mouth of the slain boxer at the viewing and then walked to the area reserved for family, where she claimed her plate of food was upended. She got into an altercation with Gloria Fernandez, who claimed to have been Camacho’s girlfriend for the past 25 years, as well as Camacho’s sisters, Esther and Estrella. ”I went to get something to eat because Machito (Hector Camacho Jr.) told me to, and his ex-girlfriend (Fernandez) came up to me and told me that I had to leave,” Castillo told ESPN Deportes, showing a fresh scratch across her clavicle. “I said no, so they threw my plate of food and attacked me, and I defended myself.” There was also pushing and shoving between former bantamweight champ Wilfredo Vazquez and Jorge Lozada, who said he’s a member of the Camacho family, after Lozada allegedly tried to separate Vazquez’s wife and Camacho’s mother, Maria Matias, as the two embraced.

Oh man I would have paid top dollar to have a front row seat at Macho Camacho’s wake. Can you imagine the mayhem surrounding a dead boxer and multiple girlfriends going at each other? Bitches names Castillo and Fernandez and Esther and Estrella just going at each other like its a 4 way Lucha Libre match in Mexico or something. I mean you ever seen Puerto Rican girls fight? I bet this brew-ha-ha was like a rabid dog fighting a staving hyena.

And the problem here is obviously the kiss on the mouth. If that chick steps up to Macho’s casket and just says a prayer, there’s no issue. You could maybe even get away with blowing a kiss of sorts…maybe a kiss on the cheek. But Cynthia Castillo planting a smooch right on Macho’s lips is just about as cocky as it gets. Kissing a dead dude is a public spectacle – its dead man PDA that just screams “Thats my man.” Like a dog marking territory. If you lip kiss a dude, dead or alive, you better be fucking sure your his one and only. Especially when you’re in a room with probably a hundred grieving Puerto Ricans and a chick named Gloria Fernandez who’s been with the deceased for 25 years. Otherwise you’re just asking for trouble. Take Telemundo mixed with ECW mixed with Jerry Springer and thats what Macho’s wake was.