Gawker - Guess who’s going clubbing in London tonight? Aly Raisman and “the guy gymnasts”! At least, according to what appears to have been a direct message she mistakenly tweeted to her followers: “Okay I have no idea were going with the guy gymnasts to some club I’ll find out for you were so nervous. Omg”

After quickly deleting the tweet, she tried to cover it up:

Mazeltov, Aly! Tonight you’re gonna party like its the night of your Bat Mitzvah. Except instead of inflatable saxophones and glow stick necklaces and people lifting you up in a chair, you’ll probably be in a Euro club doing molly and raging to house music.

Don’t be nervous, though. Just keep Mckayla Maroney by your side. No doubt that chick has been sneaking into clubs with a fake ID since she was like 14. Leaves the house in a sweatsuit telling her mom she’s heading to gymnastics practice and then having a sleep over at Jordyn Wieber’s house and then when the coast is clear she rips off her sweats and shes wearing a mini skirt and takes 6 inch heels out of her bag. Probably had vodka in her ┬áPoland Spring bottle too. Fuckin Mckayla. Just such a hot popular bitch. Probably parties harder than the nancy boys on the Men’s team.