I can’t believe it, but I think the unthinkable has happened. I think Celtics fans have gotten so whiny and delusional I want them to lose. Keep in mind I was the original Lebron James hater. Before it was the cool cliche thing to talk about Lebron being an arrogant asshole, KFC was there. Hated him in Cleveland. Hated him before the Decision. When everyone else was talking about “We are all Witness” I hated the cocksucker. But dealing with El Pres and Boston Stoolies who A) Act like the Boston Big 3 is some sort of Celtic Dynasty B) Act like David Stern and the world are out to get them and C) Act like Lebron James is some scrub, is just too much for me. I just can’t take it anymore.

And at first I thought an ideal world would be that guys like Chalmers and Mike Miller and company step up and do the leg work, that way Boston could lose and I wouldn’t have to credit Lebron as much. But then I realized the better Lebron does and the more he carries the Heat, the more it rips into the hearts of these delusional Boston idiots. They love talking about going to war and grit and balls and how the Celtics are everything the Heat aren’t. But if Lebron proves he’s just that much more talented and that much tougher than the Celtics it just crushes all of Boston. Its almost like the Patriots-Giants Super Bowl. This is the quintessential matchup for Celtic fans – they’ve been talking shit about Lebron for years now and here’s their chance to prove themselves right. If their Big 3 and their not 4, not 3, not 2 but 1 championship ring can defeat that loser Lebron, they’re justified. And if they can’t it will be just as satisfying as when they went all in on the Giants for a second time and still came up short.

Of course knowing Boston they’ll blame the refs or injuries or their age or the weather.