I thought National Coming Out Day wasn’t until Thursday?

OK so maybe I need to check myself. It’s entirely possible I’m missing out by ignoring my own lust for the D. But that doesn’t change the fact that Eric Winston wants to fuck Matt Cassel. Am I right? Just a big ol’, cuddly, gentle giant going to bat for his dainty QB because a few drunken fans were not being nice. I guess bending over in front of him 60 times every weekend wasn’t closing the deal. “He’s a person!” “We have a lot of problems as a society!” Homo mantras if I’ve ever heard any. I swear he pulled back a little bit when he started talking about getting emotional and butts. I saw that glitter in his eye when he imagined he and Matt role-playing Gladiator & dressing each other up in Roman war helmets. Dude was practically gloating over his sassy head movements & gay lisp repeating “sickening” over and over. I was a little surprised though that gay dudes apparently know nothing about “nice guys finish last” when it comes to chasing ass. Sorry bro, but sticking up for your shitty QB in his time of need is gonna do nothing more than land you in the friend zone, not the end zone.